Mission Style Recliners – What are they all about?

Setting up a home is a much-loved task for most people. Planning the décor and purchasing furniture for your living space is indeed exciting and a dream come true! You would obviously not want to leave any stone unturned in making space come up with life. 

In order to add a timeless appeal to your interiors, you can think of adding a mission style recliner. Have you ever heard about it? If not, you have landed at the right place as here you will get to know most of the things about the piece of furniture that has its roots in the Victorian era.

The History of Mission Style Recliners

So, do you want to know what the background story of mission style recliners is? It is actually a piece of knowledge worth keeping. The ‘Mission Chair’ was created by William Morris back in the day in the Victorian era. He was a well-known designer and craftsman famous for his Victorian pattern design. The Victorian styled recliner was actually called ‘Morris Chair’. 

The design principles of this chair are classic and are used in the present day chairs. The characteristic features of the chair are high un-upholstered arms and a low seat. The frame of the mission style recliner is made from hardwood which is lacquered so that you get deeper hues of brown. 

The Mission Style Recliner has a hinged back to let you recline when you are seated on it. Prior to the chair of this design, Morris chairs had a different system to enable adjusting the chair’s reclining angle. If you’re looking to buy one for yourself, you can find here the best Mission Style Recliner chairs that you can buy online.

Mission Style Recliner created quite a stir when they came out in the market in 1866. In fact, they were the most ground-breaking inventions of that time. Ever since they have witnessed the evolution and have turned into modern mission style recliners that are in sync with the times we live in. The whole appeal of these recliners is such that they will make any space light up. It brings an old-world charm along.

Top Features of Mission Style Recliners

Here is the list of the features of mission style recliners,

1. You can remove the pillows

The mission style recliners in this modern era come with fixed padding. However, it is easier to maintain removable pillows as they are easy to clean, and therefore, you should go in for these models of recliners. 

They can be fluffed up when they start sagging due to prolonged use. Having removable pillows is a huge advantage as it is more practical.

2. It is made of bonded leather

The concept of bonded leather is rather new. It came into being in the previous few decades with the rise in latex and synthetic material. 

The biggest advantage of bonded leather is that it is durable and waterproof that helps in the proper upkeep of your recliner. You don’t have to put in extra effort from your end to maintain it. 

3. Can be used to recline fully

With most mission style recliners, you get to use the simple lock mechanism for different positions. With a full recline feature, they make for great temporary beds for guests making it quite convenient for you.

4. Have pillow ties

If you have a model that has removable pillows, you should go in for one that has pillow ties as well. This makes sure that your pillows stay in place all the time and don’t slide back when you recline on your chair.

5. Bring an old-world feel

The mission style recliner has its roots in the Victorian era and therefore looks amazing in spaces that already have wood detailing. It helps in lending a homely and cozy atmosphere. 

After knowing all the history and features of the recliners, it is highly likely that you would add them to the furniture in your home. 

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