Mom I Missed the Plane: New Board Game Announced

While we all look suspiciously at the reboot of Mom I missed the plane, Home Sweet Home Alone, coming to Disney + in a few days, the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) announced Home Alone: ​​Keep the Change (that is to say Mom I Missed the Plane: Keep the Rest), a new board game for 2-4 players based on the first movie.

A new board game from Mom I missed the plane is coming: Home Alone – Keep the Change

Although NECA is definitely more famous for its action figures, this time it will offer us a board game that will pit us against each other, in the most classic of Christmas spirits at John Huges.

mom I lost the board game plane

In the game, players will take the side of Kevin, the Tap Bandits or Old Marley, with different objectives. Kevin will use a deck of loot and trap cards and place them all over his house. Meanwhile, Marv and Harry will move around the McCallister house trying to find the loot, and avoiding the traps that have different mechanisms by which they are activated. Some traps will then push Kevin’s mother closer to his return home, while others will force the thieves to drop the loot. The game ends, of course, when Kevin’s mother returns home.

This is not the first time Mom I missed the plane is adapted into a board game. A first title had in fact already been published in 1991, pitting all the players against the Banda del Rubinetto, while a second more recent game of 2018, divided the players into two opposing teams (one representing Kevin and one representing the thieves) with different goals.

The overseas release of Home Alone: ​​Keep the Change is expected for next November.

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