Most common errors when you are going to install home automation at home

Home automation failures

There are certain mistakes that can affect not only the IoT devices that we are installing, but also the rest of the devices connected to the network. If we leave certain vulnerabilities uncorrected, for example, that could be exploited by an attacker and could steal personal data or affect its proper functioning.

Ignore your Wi-Fi network

Undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes is not taking into account the wifi network what we have. When we install home automation devices, it is essential that the coverage is good. Otherwise we are going to have problems, they are not going to work correctly and they would even be useless devices for what we want.

Therefore, always keep in mind what the wireless coverage of your home is like. If necessary, you can always improve the Wi-Fi network with a repeater or by placing the router in another place so that the signal reaches better.

buy anything

Another common mistake is buying anything without take a good look at the specs. If we carry out a simple search on the Internet, we will find a large number of devices for something specific in home automation. But of course, are they all the same? The truth is that there may be important differences in terms of operation.

Our advice is that you avoid purchasing devices that are not guaranteed, that do not have good references and always take a good look at their characteristics and comments from other users. In this way you will buy an IoT device that really serves you and can work well.

Leave devices unprotected

Of course, this error is important and can also cause problems for other devices you have at home. There are many occasions when they arise vulnerabilities. Those flaws could allow attackers to break into a network and compromise the operation of any device connected to it.

To prevent your personal data from being compromised and your network from being exposed, it is important that the devices you use are up to date. It is also important that they are guaranteed, that they have good support to avoid security flaws.

Not planning which ecosystem to choose

You can buy different kinds of ecosystems, like Google or Alexa. Although its operation is similar, you must take into account devices that you are going to use and that are compatible. Sometimes they will work with several, but if you buy one that has more limitations, some devices may not work.

It is another point that you must take into account and another common mistake when planning home automation. Always try to plan the devices you are going to use well so you will not have problems in the future.

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