Never pay more than this if you are going to buy smart light bulbs

One of the first steps when we decide to automatize a home is to install smart bulbs. Over time they have become a cheaper type of device compared to a few years ago. In addition, if we use them correctly, they can also help save on electricity bills in certain cases. But how much does a smart light bulb really cost? In this article we will explain what price will you have to pay if you decide to install it in your home.

price of smart light bulbs

A few years ago I bought one Wi-Fi light bulb it was somewhat more expensive and put many back. However, today it is cheaper and can even compete with traditional light bulbs to a certain extent. Now, as is often the case with almost any device, we are going to find multiple models, with different characteristics. This will make us find a variety of prices.

If we do a search on Amazon, we can find smart bulbs from €7 about. There are quite a few options from €10 and others, those with higher power or more variety of adjustable colors, can go from €15-16. ( But in general terms, if what you are looking for is a light bulb, without excessive benefits, you can think of about 8-12 euros.

Mainly you have to take into account some specs such as the W or lumens it has, whether or not the light is dimmable, compatibility with devices such as Alexa and Google Home, as well as the type of bulb so that it can fit in the lamp where we are going to use it, as we would do with any other.

Savings with smart light bulbs

Of course, something common in Wi-Fi smart bulbs is that you will be able to control them from your mobile. You will be able to turn them on or off, create programs so that they act automatically, etc. This is one of the objectives when we decided to domotize the home and be able to have greater control.

You can see some examples of bulbs available on Amazon and their prices:

Comparable to traditional light bulbs, with advantages

You may be wondering if Wi-Fi bulbs are really going to be comparable to traditional ones. The truth is that yes and even they can improve them in some aspects, such as energy savings.

Why do we say that they help save? If we take into account only the light bulb on, we are not really going to save. In fact, they may even consume more electricity, since it is a Wi-Fi connected device after all. But the fact of power schedule power on and off can make us save on the bill on many occasions.

Think, for example, of an office or area where you are going to study or work. Maybe after a certain time sunlight comes in through the window and you don’t need to have the lights on. You can forget to turn them off and they will be consuming the same as if it were at night, but without meaning. Wi-Fi bulbs can be configured to turn on or off at certain times.

In short, as you can see, buying a smart bulb today is something cheap and from €7 you can find some models. However, you can calculate on €8-12 to have a wide range of options. There are also more expensive and more features.

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