Open the door of the house with the mobile using smart locks

If you want the lock of your home to open when you approach it with your smartphone, or if you want to open or close it comfortably from your mobile, today there are electronic locks via WiFi that will allow us to do this very easily and quickly. The first thing you should keep in mind is that most locks allow opening and closing via Bluetooth, that is, the distance must be short (less than 10 meters). However, there are other models that are WiFi and will allow us to open and close it from anywhere in the world. Today at RedesZone we are going to make some recommendations for electronic locks that have WiFi.

What to consider when buying?

Before buying an intelligent electronic lock, you should take a good look at its technical characteristics, because not all locks are suitable for all doors. Although in general, manufacturers incorporate compatibility with a large number of different doors and locks, you should make sure before buying. For this, it is recommended to see the compatibility list on the official website. Other aspects that you should assess about a lock are the following:

  • Does it only have Bluetooth connectivity or also WiFi? Almost always the locks only have Bluetooth, however, they sell a “hub” separately to connect it to Wi-Fi and be able to open and close the lock from anywhere.
  • Lock power supply and autonomy. There are models that incorporate a rechargeable battery, and are even sold with a spare battery so that it is always operational. Other equipment is only powered by batteries. We must bear in mind that autonomy is very important.
  • Do they incorporate a new bowler? There are models that consist of inserting the key of the current bowler and the lock is responsible for turning it, however, there are others that incorporate the bowler itself with new keys.

Now that you know everything you need to know before buying a WiFi electronic lock, we are going to recommend a total of four highly recommended models.

Recommended lock models

The first model that we recommend you buy is the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro, the latest and most advanced model from the well-known manufacturer Nuki. To speak of this electronic lock is to speak of one of the best that we can buy today, it is really worth what it costs. This device will connect directly to the home WiFi network to start working with it through the official application, however, it can also be seamlessly integrated into Amazon Alexa, the Google assistant and is even compatible with HomeKit. Being compatible with HomeKit, we have the possibility of configuring this lock in Home Assistant, ideal for centralizing everything related to home automation at home.

This lock incorporates a battery inside that is rechargeable, in addition, it incorporates a Power Pack included as standard, that is, a second battery so that it is always in operation. The design is really elegant, and we have it available in two colors: black and white. This smart lock is usually out of stock on Amazon, but you can buy it at the Nuki official website.

Another quite interesting alternative is the Yale motorized smart lock, this device has similar characteristics to the previous one, so it is an alternative if the Nuki does not convince you. It is very important to look at which lock to buy, because the lock itself does not connect to the WiFi directly but a “hub” is necessary, in fact, on Amazon we have a “Remote Pack” that already incorporates everything necessary to open and close it remotely. through the Internet without the need for us to be near it.

Some features are that it has automatic locking and unlocking, full control from the app, and it even has a special Yale cylinder that is 100% compatible with the smart lock.

Another alternative is that of RUILON, in this case we are in the same scenario as before, we need a hub that is sold separately to connect to the Internet. This alternative is also interesting because it has a very competitive price.

Finally, Remock Lockey is a manufacturer of invisible locks, and it also has a motorized cylinder to open the door through our smartphone. It’s worth giving it a try.

As you can see, we have many very interesting smart electronic locks. Our favorites are Nuki and Yale.

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