Parsifal: A Game of Tarots is on Kickstarter

Today we are talking about an all-Italian project currently undergoing a funding campaign on Kickstarter: it’s about Parsifal: A Game of Tarots, a card game inspired by the musical drama composed by Richard Wagner.

Let’s take a closer look at this project created by the team Psychographic Publisher.

Parsifal: A Game of Tarots is on Kickstarter

In the ancient kingdom of Monsalvat the Dark Forces want to defeat the Order of Knights, protectors of the Holy Grail. The Forces of Good resist for redemption to come in the end.

All the legends handed down designate Parsifal, the Pure Fool, as the predestined savior of Good and Order.

Parsifal – A Game of Tarots is a game created by Osvaldo Duilio Rossi and illustrated by Emanuele Ercolani, also the designer of Anime Party. It is a fantasy reworking of the Wagnerian drama, enclosed in a deck of 30 cards. Among them there are both artifacts and characters: the aim of the game for each player is to be able to fulfill the destiny, in the form of missions, of one of the characters he controls.

The themes within the title, as indeed in the work of the famous German composer, are rich in religious, mystical but also psychoanalytic references, which the author has tried to render in a mechanical sense within his title; the inner conflicts and relationships between the characters are in fact powerful engines that move the dynamics of the game.

Parsifal – A Game of Tarots Kickstarter Campaign will run until December 15th; the level of pledge that allows you to grab a copy of this card game starts with a contribution of 23 euros. Delivery to the backers is currently scheduled to take place around July 2022.

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