Play Festival del Gioco 2021: the “revenge” starts with the opening of the presale of tickets

The “revenge” of Play Festival of the Game 2021, the Modenese event that, after the darkness of the pandemic, will return to shine and welcome fans at the Modena exhibition center.

From July 1st it will be possible to book tickets for the Modena Play, which will be sold exclusively online, taking advantage of particularly advantageous offers. The historical theme of this edition will be linked to characters who have changed history despite having suffered apparently definitive defeats such as Napoleon, Dante and Martin Luther.

Tickets for the Play Festival del Gioco 2021 on sale only online

Key word of the twelfth edition of Play Festival del Gioco, the largest Italian event dedicated to the world of play in all its amusing variations, will be Revenge, a stimulating and auspicious term thanks to which we want to soon forget the forced stop due to the Covid emergency. 19, with the event to be held dto 3 to 5 September 2021.

The organizers of the event underline that at the base of everything there is the usual desire to have fun but in complete safety:

The desire to have fun and to meet again is the same as always, but we had to introduce some new rules to ensure at the same time maximum enjoyment and the full safety of guests. In addition to the limited number of accesses, the most novelty is the sale of tickets which will only take place online. A constraint that we have transformed into an opportunity, however, by creating targeted and time-limited offers that favor first-time arrivals.

As early as Thursday, July 1st, on the official website of the event it will be possible to buy the admission ticket at a super discounted daily price, and the fan pack, a special kit including the exclusive red t-shirt, so coveted by fans. To enjoy these exclusive benefits, you must book by July 15th.

While waiting to define the details of the billboard, as usual, the organizers have chosen a historical vein reference by linking it, in this case, to the events of characters who, despite their path being marked by heavy defeats, have left an indelible mark on the culture and history of humanity. Starting with Napoleon Bonaparte of which it is the 200th anniversary of his death in captivity in Sant’Elena, passing through Martin Luther, whose excommunication dates back to 1521, up to Dante Alighieri in the 700th year of his disappearance into exile. Figures of enormous importance to whom the play world has also paid great attention by developing, over time, various proposals for both table and role-playing games.

2021, with the centenary of the delivery of the Nobel Prize to Albert Einstein, also offers the opportunity to deepen the relationship between play and science, a theme always dear to the Modena event. Among the proposals in the pipeline is a conference on the relationship between history and play, also in the light of new proposals arriving on the market linked to themes of contemporary history such as the Italian Resistance.

What is the Modena Play?

Internationally, the Play Festival of the game will be the first event of the year dedicated to the game after the pandemic and also for this reason the theme of the “rematch” appears very apt to emphasize the recovery on the one hand, and on the other to highlight the moment in which, at the end of the match, the opponents become friends again and the loser raises the challenge hoping to overturn the result.

The goal of the organizers is to return to play in presence in the name of safety. The large exhibition spaces, internal and external, make it possible to organize an event of this magnitude, even if the number of people who will be able to access will be reduced, in compliance with the current rules against the pandemic. The ingredients that made this festival a national reference point will all be there: board and role-playing games, miniature games, collectible cards, live games, market news and great collectible classics.

The event is organized by ModenaFiere, in collaboration with Ludo Labo and the support of Tre Emme, La Tana dei Goblin and La Gilda del Grifone. The program and all updates will be published over the next few weeks on the event website

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