Pokemon Go: New special Pokémon arrive, exclusive to certain regions

Gods Pokemon exclusive to certain regions will be added to the Niantic game soon, with the introduction in Pokémon Go, starting next July 22, of a Special Pikachu dressed in a kariyushi shirt.

The occasion will be that of the launch of Pokemon Air Adventures, a new initiative that will allow trainers to capture numerous themed Pokemon in numerous countries around the world, starting with Okinawa, Japan, where the Pikachu in the summer version will be catchable “for more than a year” (thus indicating, in fact, the the time-limited release of the same new special pokémon).

New special Pokemon, exclusive to certain regions, in Pokémon Go

Niantic has confirmed that this new Pikachu will be only the first in a series of exclusive pokémon that can be captured in various parts of the world, promising that more details will be released soon for all Pokemon Go fans.

Regional exclusivity has been part of Pokemon Go since the game’s launch, which took place back in 2016, with some Pokemon appearing only in certain parts of the world. Initially, these Pokemon were limited to a certain continent but, later, Niantic has restricted the availability of some capable monsters to certain hemispheres, certain latitudes or certain regions. For example, Corsola it appears only in subtropical or tropical areas, while Carnivine it appears only in the southeastern United States.

However, this is the first time that Pokémon in costumes exclusive to a certain region (and for a limited time) will appear in Pokemon Go.

As part of its upcoming Pokemon Air Adventures celebration, Pokemon Go will also be adding Shiny Corsola to the game for the first time, and while the kariyushi Pikachu will only be available for a limited time, Shiny Corsola will be a permanent addition to the game. Both Corsola and the new Pikachu will be available in Okinawa, but Shiny Corsola will also be available wherever Corsola usually appears. (

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