Wulfach – The red and the black: financed the RPG set in the seventeenth century

FantAsia Games, the playful brand of games created by Iacopo Frigerio, has recently created a new one Role playing game, Wulfach: Red and black, set in the late 1600s.

The game was the subject of a campaign crowdfunding directly on the FantAsia Games website, reaching the minimum goal envisaged. This means that Wulfach’s will soon be made physical copies of the manual!

FantAsia Games finances Wulfach: The Red and the Black

Wulfach: Red and Black is an RPG that does not require any pre-session preparation and is intended to bring players to life a story of survival and of personal sacrifices in a difficult context, in a remote village of the late 1600s. The game provides a role similar to that of the Game Master who, in turn, will be played by all the people at the table.

Year of the Lord 1697. A small and isolated Central European village is plagued by the plague of lycanthropy. Unable to solve the problem and overcome with fear, the villagers implore the help and protection of the Inquisition. But soon the accusations, the tortures and the first burning (of which the village chief falls victim) make it clear to everyone that we are dealing with a beast perhaps worse than the werewolf that infests the nights and the forest. This is the story of the people who populate the village and the attempt to defend their innocent lives from the accusations of the inquisitor, dressed in red, and the fangs of the black-furred werewolf.

If the project intrigues you, you can already find the Wulfach manual in digital format (not definitive, but complete, paginated and with all the information you need to play) on the FantAsia Games website, available for free or with a recommended offer of 5 euros. You can also participate in crowdfunding (the minimum goal has already been reached) and win one physical copy of the manual.

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