Pokémon season 23 comes to Netflix on July 1

July will premiere with the arrival of a new season of Pokémon on Netflix. It will be season 23, Travel, the last available season of the animation series in which we will enjoy new adventures of Ash, who, accompanied by his new friend Goh, must continue visiting new regions in search of more Pokémon.

Pokémon season 23 on Netflix

Pokemon season 23 Netflix

This last Pokémon season brings us a new adventure for Ash in which, accompanied by his new friend Goh, they must travel from Kanto to Galar, passing through Carmine City to go to the Cerezo laboratory, where they will meet Professor Cerezo, who will offer them the opportunity to help. in his research on the mysteries of the Pokémon of each region.

Pokemon season 23 Netflix

Throughout the adventure, Goh will try to capture his favorite Pokémon, Mew, at the same time that they will find themselves in a myriad of problems and dangers that they must solve on the fly.

All the episodes of Season 23

Pokemon season 23 Netflix

These are the 48 chapters that make up season 23 of Pokémon:

  • Chapter 1: Meeting Pikachu!
  • Episode 2: Legend? Go ahead! Friends? Go ahead!
  • Chapter 3: The Mysterious Tower of the Ivysaur!
  • Chapter 4: Meeting Scorbunny!
  • Chapter 5: The Dynamax phenomenon!
  • Chapter 6: And then I’ll come back for Mew!
  • Chapter 7: The Flute Cup tournament!
  • Chapter 8: Sinnoh’s Iceberg Race!
  • Chapter 9: In search of a legend!
  • Chapter 10: Experience in paradise!
  • Chapter eleven: The best friend … the worst nightmare!
  • Chapter 12: Blaze of the Titans!
  • Chapter 13: Ascending to be the best!
  • Chapter 14: Raid on the Ruins!
  • Chapter fifteen: Search on a snowy day!
  • Chapter 16: A Chilling Curse!
  • Chapter 17: Kicking like there’s no tomorrow!
  • Chapter 18: Fate coronation!
  • Chapter 19: Talent for Imitation!
  • Chapter twenty: What dreams are made of!
  • Chapter twenty-one: Taking care of a mystery!
  • Chapter 22: Goodbye friend!
  • Chapter 2. 3: Panic in the park!
  • Chapter 24: Vacation for Team Rocket!
  • Chapter 25: Reunion at the festival!
  • Chapter 26: High jumps for the crown! / The Crowning of Slowking!
  • Chapter 27: Getting stronger!
  • Chapter 28Chapter 1: Sobble, the Crybaby!
  • Chapter 29: New partner in town!
  • Chapter 30: Betrayed, angry and jealous!
  • Chapter 31: The coefficient of cuteness!
  • Chapter 32: From one time to another!
  • Chapter 33: Trade, loan and steal!
  • Chapter 3. 4: Lonely and threatening!
  • Chapter 35: Catch… A what?
  • Chapter 36: Fighting Arena Battles!
  • Chapter 37: That old and new gang!
  • Chapter 38: Cloning and renewal!
  • Chapter 39: Octoblock in the gym!
  • Chapter 40: A Sizzling Raid!
  • Chapter 41: Learning to translate Pikachu! / Buried up to the neck!
  • Chapter 42: Sword and Shield: the Oniria Forest!
  • Chapter 43: Sword and Shield: the Black Night!
  • Chapter 44: Sword and Shield: from here to Eternatus!
  • Chapter Four. Five: Sword and Shield: Awakening of Legends!
  • Chapter 46: A most unexpected combat!
  • Chapter 47: Crowning the Food Eater!
  • Chapter 48: Trade with “almost Pikachu”!

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