Power Plants: on Kickstarter and in Italian with Little Rocket Games

Power Plants, a board game currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will also arrive in Italian thanks to Little Rocket Games.

The announcement was made by our local publishing house, which will take care of the location of the title; will arrive directly in our homes from Kickstarter fully translated into our language.

Power Plants: on Kickstarter and in Italian with Little Rocket Games

But let’s see what kind of board game Little Rocket Games (Kingdom’s Candy Monster and Calico) will bring us.

Power Plants is a title from 1 to 5 players, lasting around the half an hour per game. Created by Adam E. Daulton, it is a tile-placing game with elements of strategy. In this title, we find ourselves pitted against other wizards who, like us, always have the need for new plants and fresh magical herbs that only grow in the enchanted garden. The deals we made with our competitors would pool the ground for growing plants, but apparently our plans are a little different.

By manipulating the spirits loyal to us we will try to obtain the most fertile plots of land, which will guarantee us more gems – and victory points – than our opponents.

Power Plants will be on Kickstarter until next November 19th, at a cost of around 39 euros. The minimum funding objective has already been safely exceeded, but we are looking forward because there are still numerous stretch goals to be unlocked. The delivery to the backers is scheduled for November 2022, about a month before the arrival in the Italian stores of the retail edition signed by Little Rocket Games.

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