Price of the Sony Xperia Pro will be at $ 2,500 Is it worth it? 2021

Sony has some loyal fans in the mobile space , but the announcement of the Xperia Pro and its price of $ 2,500 will push the limits of those fans.

While mobile is packed with almost every feature under the sun, it’s almost impossible to justify such an extreme price for any smartphone.

What does the Sony Xperia Pro bring to the table?

The most surprising aspect of the Sony Xperia Pro is the processor. Hopefully Sony will include the latest chipset in the form of Snapdragon 888 . However, Sony used the Snapdragon 865 from last year, which is a puzzling decision. While the 865 is still a powerful processor, I would expect a phone that costs more than twice the price of Samsung’s high-end flagship to feature the latest and greatest.

Sony also included 12GB of RAM and 512GB of expandable storage , which is a nice knock over its previous flagship.

The Xperia Pro it also includes a 6.5-inch 4K HDR OLED display , which is solid but barely enough to justify a $ 2,500 outlay. Surprisingly, Sony didn’t announce the screen refresh rate. At this price, we would expect to see 120Hz, but the fact that Sony didn’t reveal that much leads us to believe that it isn’t.

And the cameras?

You will get three 12MP cameras with the new Pro phone model. There is also an 8MP selfie camera on the front of the device.

Surprisingly, Sony included Android 10 as the operating system for the Xperia Pro. Android 11 was released about months, so not including it in a flagship out-of-the-box device is somewhat confusing.

Unsurprisingly, the phone has full support for 5G, including 5G Sub-6 technology. and 5G mmWave.

There is a 4,000 mAh battery inside the phone to keep everything working. And while Sony included fast charging for quick recharges, the company doesn’t offer wireless charging , which is shocking for any high-end phone.

Sony included a 3.5mm port, which is a rare find on any mobile nowadays. There is also HDMI input support through a Type D connection, which is what makes this phone different from others on the market.

Sony makes this phone stand out for its non-traditional features. Rather than simply functioning as a smartphone, the Xperia Pro also has live streaming features that allow it to connect to the HDMI port of a DSLR and display what the camera sees. This will allow it to function as a larger monitor for the DSLR with full 4K support.

Availability and price Sony Xperia Pro

As mentioned, the Sony Xperia Pro will have a $ 2,500 cost , which is quite a bit higher than other flagship phones.

That said, this phone is aimed at professionals who will take advantage of DSLR connectivity. However, some of the other specs and features make it hard to justify that price.

Still, if the phone sounds like something you want, you can request it at Sony website or at B&H .


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