Receive notifications if the door of the house is opened with these WiFi sensors

One of the most important security devices in our home are open door sensors. This type of smart home device allows us to know if the main door of the house has been opened or closed, in this way, we can know in real time if an intruder has entered. Of course, these types of devices can also be perfectly placed on windows and other doors, in order to have everything under control. If you buy several devices, you can set your own home alarm without fees, since from the official app we can receive notifications of any unauthorized access to the home. Today in RedesZone we are going to recommend three really interesting alternatives.

What is a door and window sensor for?

A door and window sensor will allow us to know at all times if a certain dooreither the main one or any other, and also if the windows are they open or closed. This type of sensor incorporates magnets inside to detect if the two sensors it consists of are joined or separated, in addition, the “main” sensor incorporates a small WiFi antenna that will allow us to connect it to our WiFi router from home, to be able to receive notifications through the device’s official app. This type of sensor would also help us to know if the door of our garage has been closed correctly, has been opened completely or is ajar. Thanks to these sensors and other types of devices, we will be able to automate our garage door in a simple way.

Due to the small size of these sensors, and because we are not interested in wiring the doors and windows, they make use of different types of batteriessome models incorporate rechargeable batteries, although the most normal thing is to find these devices running on batteries, whether they are AA, AAA and even the typical button batteries if the design is too small.

Before buying a sensor of this type, you should know that all models have their own application for installation, configuration and receiving mobile notifications. But there are other models that allow us to integrate them into Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and even Apple’s HomeKit, however, what seems most interesting to us is that we will also be able to integrate them into HomeAssistantthe popular management software for all home automation in our home.

Recommended door and window sensors

If you want a door and window sensor that connects directly to the WiFi of our house, the Shelly are the most recommended devices for their value for money, however, their size is somewhat larger than other similar devices, so you must take it into account. With these Shelly we can receive opening and closing notifications from the official app, but it also incorporates integration with third parties, such as Home Assistant through MQTT, a low consumption IoT protocol. If you are going to mount home automation with Home Assistant, this model is one that you should value.

Another important aspect is that it has a very low battery consumption, it is constantly at rest, until it detects opening or closing, which then connects to WiFi and sends the information, otherwise it remains in hibernation to save energy.

If you intend to buy a Nuki smart lock, the Nuki Door Sensor is the ideal complement to keep your home safe. This device will connect directly to the home WiFi and we can see the status of the door with the official app, in addition, we will be able to close the lock on our house as soon as the door closes, and all this completely automatically, thanks to the smart lock of the same brand.

What we like the most about Nuki is the integration with different systems related to home automation, such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit.

Finally, if you want a really good alternative with a really small size, the Aqara sensor is one of the most recommended for price and performance. This device does not connect to WiFi directly, as it uses ZigBee, so we will need the Aqara WiFi hub to connect it to our home WiFi wireless network and receive all notifications.

As you can see, nowadays we have really interesting alternatives to know if our doors and windows are open or closed. Depending on our needs we can buy one model or another.

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