Requirements to Get Married in the Philippines to a Foreigner

Thanks to the visa policies of most countries and air travel, we can move freely not only between countries but also between continents. Situations, where a couple wants to marry in another country or a foreigner wants to legalize their relationship with a local, are more and more common. Legal regulation of marriage exists in every country. The relationship of spouses is not only a personal matter and expression of love but also a legal aspect that determines their status in relation to each other, children, inheritance, and other things.

Another category of people who often want to marry outside their country of citizenship are expats, that is, wage laborers from other countries who work and live in their employer’s country. After spending a long time abroad, they are often unwilling or unable to go home and get married there. Therefore, it is natural for them to want to arrange a matrimony in their country of actual residence at the moment.

Each state sets its own rules for marriage and controls certain things. For example:

  • The possibility of marrying a foreign national.
  • The ability to marry a member of another religion.
  • Opportunity to legally end a marriage.
  • The prohibition or authorization of same-sex marriages.
  • The number of partners that can be married at the same time.
  • Ability to conduct civil or religious marriage registration procedures.
  • List of documents required to get married.
  • Age restrictions for getting married.

The Philippines is a beautiful, almost paradise-like place that attracts many tourists and wage earners. Also, some people decide to move to the country permanently or temporarily.

As a result, people fall in love and want to get married. There should be no obstacles to such a bright desire, but whether this is really the case when it comes to the Philippines and foreigners who want to register a marriage there needs to be figured out.

Let’s find out what a foreigner has to do to get married in the Philippines.

The Philippines has its own requirements for marriage, by which we can distinguish couples where both partners are citizens of the country, where only one of the couple is a citizen of the Philippines, and where both lovers are foreigners.

In order for your desire to get married in this amazing place to succeed, you need to know the requirements that the legislation imposes on this procedure.

How to get an official civil marriage in the Philippines (citizen and foreigner)?

The specifics of this procedure largely depend on the second partner’s country of citizenship your country’s embassy may also have a number of requirements.

Therefore, before you start the process of collecting all necessary documents to register a marriage in the Philippines with a local resident, we recommend consulting with the embassy.

Also, you should know that some countries’ missions offer their citizens marriage registration services within their walls. Find out if this is possible in your case.

Check with your local government :

Collecting all the paperwork can take some time, which can significantly delay your wedding day.

In addition to civil marriage in the Philippines, you can also perform a religious marriage, such as marrying in a church. This ceremony is important to many couples, and they tend to perform it, if not on the day of official registration, then in the days after or before.

You will also need a package of documents for the marriage, which depends in part on your profession of faith. To find out all the details of the ceremony, contact the church where you want to perform the ceremony in advance.

Frankly speaking, a wedding for foreigners in the Philippines is not the best decision, because the local laws are not too simple and the bureaucratic processes are fast.

Today’s marriage tourism market offers enough options for countries where the wedding is a matter of hours, even if you are a citizen of another country and don’t have a residency in that country, and your partner is also a foreigner. In addition, you can choose countries with a comfortable climate for you, knowledge of the English language, and an affordable price policy. You can even choose a country based on what kind of view you want to see at your wedding ceremony: forest, lake, sea, mountains, ancient castles, and so on.

A wedding abroad can open up completely new horizons for a couple in love, introduce them to a completely different culture, allow them to visit an unfamiliar climate and see many beautiful places. The main thing when choosing a place to get married is to make sure that the laws for foreigners in this country will allow you to get married easily and easily.

If you are a foreign couple and want to get married quickly and without too much hassle, we recommend paying attention to Georgia. This country is actively gaining popularity among foreign couples, and you can get married here in 24 hours. You’ll pay less than $500 if you just want to register your matrimony at one of the Houses of Justice in Tbilisi or Batumi, and from $2,000 if you plan a fancy wedding with an offsite ceremony, photo shoot, and guests.

Another distinct advantage of Georgia compared to many other popular tourist and wedding destinations is the lower cost of all related services, including accommodation and car rental. In addition, there are fewer tourists, and weddings can be organized faster in a location with stunning views, as there are no queues as in other hyped tourist countries.

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