Save electricity in your electric water heater with these tips

Tips to save electricity with the electric water heater

Many homes have electric water heaters to heat water throughout the year. It is a device that should be controlled so as not to spend more than necessary, since if we make mistakes we can cause the bill to increase. The more we optimize it, the better. So we are going to give you some recommendations.

Adjust the temperature well

The first thing is to adjust the temperature well. Logically, the higher the temperature, the more the electric water heater will consume. It is the same as putting a heating at 25 degrees or 20, the higher the higher the consumption. We do not really need the water to be at an excessive temperature, so we can regulate and save.

At what temperature to put the thermos? Well, we can say that it will depend on the time of year. Generally, the temperature is usually between 45 and 60 degrees, but many are configured to be at 60 degrees and we do not need it to be that much. You can try putting it at 45-50 degrees and see if it is enough for you. In summer you can even lower it to 40.

Set a timer

You can also use a timer. However, you should take this with caution. It will also depend on the use we give it. It is not the same for a person who only uses it for one hour in the afternoon-evening when he comes home from work and being away all day, than a family who may need it in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

But if in your case you are going to use it only at a specific time of day, you can install a timer so that it turns on a little earlier and turns off a little later. In this way you will have the water ready when you get home and you will not need it to be consumed all day on.

Use good insulation

Of course a good isolation It’s fundamental. The electric heater will lose heat if it is in the wrong place. Especially in winter, you may be wasting heat if you don’t have good insulation and that’s going to mean you have to consume more electricity to keep the water hot.

Therefore, the idea is to ensure that the temperature is maintained as much as possible. It is the same as if you have a bottle of cold water, if it has good insulation it will be kept at a good temperature for longer.

Only turn it off if you are going to be away for a long time

This is related to what we mentioned about the timer. Constantly turning off and on the electric water heater does not help at all to save. However, if you are going to spend a time away from home yes, it should be turned off. For example, if you are going to go away for the weekend and you are not going to be at home, you can take advantage of it.

The more time you are going to spend away from home, the more reason you can decide to turn off the electric water heater and spend less energy. In the end it is common sense and it is not convenient to turn it off and you will have to use it within 2 hours.

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