Scams are skyrocketing in online commerce

E-commerce has grown a lot in recent years, but that has also brought security problems. In fact, it is currently facing a difficult time when we think about cybersecurity. According to a new report, attacks against e-commerce sites they have grown 350%. It is especially affecting retailers and, in addition, this increases during the Christmas season. We are going to give some tips to avoid it.

Attacks on online commerce grow 350%

Taking the mobile or computer to make a purchase is common. We have a large number of sites where we can do it. It is something that, in the vast majority of occasions, is safe. However, it is no less true that there are also many sites that are created solely for steal data or infect computers.

Even a site that is trustworthy can come under attack and hackers intercept transactions and put shoppers at risk. In fact, according to data published by Signifyd where they show their latest report, retailers face a certain risk outlook, as attacks have risen 350%.

Especially this increases in seasons in which users make more purchases. An example is the Christmas, which is when we buy more products online and hackers take advantage of it to try to steal data and directly affect web pages.

This same Signifyd report speaks of the “golden age of online commerce fraud”. The context in which we find ourselves has also pushed many more users to decide to buy online instead of going to physical stores. And this, once again, has been exploited by cybercriminals.

How to avoid attacks in online commerce

In order to avoid being victims of cyber attacks when buying any product online, it is essential to take measures. One of them is to make sure that we are on a reliable, secure, guarantees page. How can we know? The first thing is observe the URL very well and see that it really is the official site. We can also do a search on Google to find out, as well as observe the general appearance.

On the other hand, another point to be sure when buying online is to use payment methods of guarantees. For example, pay by bank cards or PayPal, since in this way our purchases are protected in the event of any type of fraud.

Also, if we are going to buy online through Wi-Fi networks, we must ensure that they are reliable. Avoid, for example, public wireless networks that may be in a shopping center, airport, etc. We don’t really know who may be behind it and how it might affect us. It is important to watch out for threats when shopping online.

But another key question is your own safety of our equipment. It is necessary to have a good antivirus to prevent the entry of malware, as well as to keep the system updated to be able to correct vulnerabilities that may appear. Only in this way can we surf the net safely and avoid problems when buying online.

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