Send files and folders over LAN on computers and smartphones using LANDrop

Beyond being very simple, this program is also sure. It uses an encryption algorithm so that a possible intruder cannot see what we are sending. It is also quite intuitive and once you have installed it you will be able to start using it without major problems in the different operating systems.

In fact, one of the positive points of LANDrop is that it works precisely in multiple platforms. It has a version for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android. You can install it on practically any device you have, such as computers, mobile phones or tablets.

LANDrop is a program of Open Source and totally free. You can check out its code on GitHub.

How to start using it

We will explain what steps must be taken to start using LANDrop on a computer or mobile. It is a simple process, but you will have to do it correctly so that no type of error appears and you can exchange files without problems between computers connected to the same network.

Download and install the app

The first thing you have to do is download the program. You have to go to their website and there select the version that interests you. In my case I have used it to send files between a Windows computer and an Android mobile, so I have downloaded these two versions. It is important that in the case of the mobile you have enabled the ability to install applications of unknown origin, since otherwise you will not be able to use it. As for Windows, you will also have to give permissions to the firewall so that it does not block it.

Once you have done this, you will simply have to open the application on both devices. You must make sure that the two are connected to the same network and you can start exchanging files from one to the other.

send files

At the top right of the app, you’ll see an icon for add files. You can put as many as you want. An explorer will open to go to the path you want within the memory and select the corresponding files there. It is an intuitive process and it is the same in the different operating systems where you install it.

Automatically, once you have added the files, they will appear indicated and the corresponding amount. If it’s just a file, one will appear; if there are five, then five. In section devices you will see the different computers that are connected to the network and that can use LANDrop to exchange data. If you click there you will see the computer or device you are going to use.

To send files you simply have to select device that corresponds and automatically begins the process. On the other device, which in this case would be the computer if we are going to send files from the mobile, a dialog box will appear to accept the transfer and it will arrive quickly.

Accept files in LANDrop

storage folder

These files will be incorporated into a file that you can see on your computer, as well as on any device where you are using it. Everything you send will arrive there and you can transfer it to other folders, devices or simply edit or delete the documents. It is a quick exchange, as if you were transferring something from a flash drive to the computer.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis application is to drop and send. The process is quick and once you drag the files from the corresponding device, you can easily send them to the other and receive them without much delay. Logically, the process will take more or less depending on the size, since a text file is not the same as a folder containing several movies.

From the mobile application you can also click on files, where the files that have been sent to that device will appear. Also, if you click on sending the different transfers that have been made to send files will appear, while in receiving those that have been received will appear.

In the case of the computer, an icon will appear on the taskbar. There you can click with the second mouse button and the different options will be displayed. For example, you can click on Send files and a new window will open where you simply have to drag the documents you want. You can also click browse and go to the path you want and search for the files there.

Send files to computer


Therefore, as a conclusion we can say that LANDrop is a very useful program used to send files between devices connected to the same network. A good option to be able to share documents without the need to use cables, since everything is very intuitive and fast.

To use it you will not have to do more than install it on the devices where you are going to use it and make sure that are connected. From there you will simply have to add files, send and accept from the other computer. Everything you send will be saved in its corresponding folder.

Compared to other alternatives, we can say that it is a very agile application, very simple to use and really fast in terms of transfers. In addition, the fact that it is open source means that it has more guarantees in terms of security and privacy.

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