Simple ideas to make your home smart

Simple ideas to automate your home

If you are thinking of converting your home in smart but you do not want complications, these simple options that we are going to show you can be a good start. In this way you will be able to familiarize yourself with home automation and perhaps in the future you will decide to expand the options further and venture into somewhat more complex things.

Turn lights on or off

The first thing you can do is buy smart bulbs and being able to turn lights on and off easily. They are very easy to use, useful and you can place them anywhere in your home. Plus, in some cases you can even save energy by having more control over when they turn on.

These bulbs connect to the Wi-Fi network like any other device. From there, you can control them from your mobile, without having to be at home. You could decide when to turn on a light bulb, check if it is on or not, adjust the brightness, color, etc. There are many models and they are cheap.

You can see some options:

Remotely control home appliances

You can too control remotely or through the voice many devices that you have at home. For this you do not need to buy a new latest model appliance and make a large investment, but simply have a smart plug. To that socket you will be able to connect a radiator, air conditioning, lamps, a coffee maker…

From there, you can put it to many uses. For example, if you’re out and about on a cold day and you want the house to be warmer when you arrive, you can remotely turn on a stove. Also turning on the coffee maker in the morning automatically at an hour, etc. The uses are, as we say, very varied.

Install a security system

Something very common is to install surveillance cameras at home. But you can also install motion or window and door opening sensors. All this will help you increase security and always have greater protection for your home. You will be able to receive alerts in real time.

Home automation provides a plus in this regard. It offers multiple options for the physical security of a home, office or any place you want to protect. They are also simple to configure and very versatile devices.

Control temperature and humidity

Of course, you will also be able to use smart sensors to control the temperature or humidity of your house. There are even devices that also include a sensor for carbon dioxide, humidity, etc. There are many options and you can use home automation to have greater control in this regard.

These devices can also be connected to other devices. For example, you could connect a temperature sensor to a smart stove and have it turn on or off depending on the temperature at all times.

Use a smart thermostat

An intelligent thermostat we can say that it is another very useful instrument to start in home automation. What it does is get a optimum temperature for home. You can put 20 degrees, for example, and automatically turn on the heating when the temperature drops below those degrees. The same in the case of summer, when you use the air conditioning wisely.

It is true that these devices are more expensive and you will not always be able to use them, but it is also a way to save energy if they are used well. They offer quite a few interesting features.

As you can see, home automation is not necessarily expensive and it is not difficult either. You do need to make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection, so sometimes you will have to use an access point to have better coverage.

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