Smartphone VS Computer: What is more convenient to gamble

It is almost impossible to ignore mobile and online casinos. There is more on offer for everyone, and casinos are eager to promote their dedicated apps. And it all boils down to how smartphones have increased in popularity and the developments that we’ve seen in this area.

Where you used to play in a cafe, that is of course no longer the case. You can now play your favorite games on your iPad, smartphone, or computer. There are also future developments in this area, and a mobile casino works almost better than games via a desktop. Also, mobile games also make it possible to place a bet anywhere. Jared Beugelink, a Dutch gambling expert, thinks that this trend will only become more prevalent.

Casinos are fully committed to mobile use

Did you know that most online casinos now invest more money in mobile versions than in desktop versions? Although the big bucks are still being spent on a desktop version, this is increasingly changing. The small amounts that are earned together at mobile casinos are increasing. This is also the reason that online casinos are spending more and more money on improving their smartphone and tablet environment. Now, let’s take a look at the main differences between smartphone and desktop gambling, aside from the obvious one.

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1. The games

Something that gets better by the day is the range of games. More and more games are coming online, so you have a large barrel to tap from. However, there are also online casinos that do not have a wide range of games, so look for a mobile casino where you have many choices.

2. Functional use

What could be better than an app that works well? When pages slide over each other, or certain pages don’t work properly, it doesn’t make it any easier. Fortunately, there are many online and mobile casinos that put a lot of time and energy into this—everything to give you as a customer a great gaming experience.

3. Bonuses at Mobile Casinos

As a mobile casino player, you often have to deal with extra bonuses when you download certain apps or invite friends. This is, therefore, the smart thing to do because it increases your chances of winning.

How many people gamble on their mobile phone?

As mobile phones become more capable, more and more people are gambling through mobile casinos. We see that already 50% opt for a mobile casino. It is also expected that this will increase in the coming years. A user would rather opt for the comfort of a couch than actively having to go to a casino or perhaps actually having to crawl behind a computer.

Smartphone or Tablet

Frankly, it doesn’t matter whether you use your tablet or smartphone. The big difference is, of course, the size. Some users find it more pleasant to have something large in their hands for the experience. Furthermore, the app will work exactly the same, and there will therefore be no major differences in user-friendliness.

Mobile Device or Desktop?

The biggest difference, in the end, is that a smartphone for gambling gives you the flexibility to gamble wherever you want. In comparison, a computer for gambling is more static but makes it easier to gamble on multiple tables at the same time. So it all depends on what you prefer.

For some people, it will be better to do the gambling in an online casino on your smartphone. For others, it will be a lot better to do their gambling on their computer. As always, make your own decision. Luckily it isn’t a definitive decision, and you can always change between the two.

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