So you can customize the Windows 10 taskbar

The Windows 10 taskbar is a characteristic element that is present in the Microsoft operating system since its first versions . In fact, we can say that it is one of the fundamental pillars of the Windows interface and is used constantly. From it, you can access the start menu, which was removed in Windows 8 and quickly recovered thanks to pressure from users. It also shows all the applications in use and those that we have pinned for quick access. In addition, it incorporates a section, the system tray, where important information is displayed, such as the time, date, notifications or the status of the Internet connection.

But, can you an element as basic as the taskbar be personalized and, thus, adapt it to the maximum to your needs? Of course, yes.

Use the small icons on the taskbar

Is is the difference between the small icons and the large icons on the taskbar.

If you have a small screen , you may want the taskbar to take up less space. A good way to achieve this is by reducing the size of the icons. Doing so is very simple. You just have to go to the configuration application, access the section Customize and, in the section Taskbar , activate the option Use small taskbar buttons . The result? A much more compact and discreet taskbar.

Use the taskbar on any side of your desktop

The taskbar, by default, is located at the bottom of the screen. However, that position is not immovable. In fact, it can be docked on either side of the desk. To move it, all you have to do is this:

  1. Right-click on a blank area of ​​the taskbar.
  2. Disables the option Lock taskbar .
  3. Drag the taskbar with the pointer to any side of the screen.

Once you have moved the taskbar to the place that suits you best, lock it again in the same way.

Make the taskbar disappear automatically

This way you can make the taskbar disappear in tablet mode and in desktop mode.

Again, if you have little space because your monitor is small, in addition to enabling the reduced icons, ask Windows to hide the bar automatically. To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Open the Windows 10 Settings application.
  • Go to Personalization .
  • Access Taskbar.
  • There, activate the option Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode and Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode.

Both settings can be activated or deactivated independently, according to your needs. To show the taskbar again, move the pointer to the area where it is located or slide with your finger from outside the screen.

Use the dark theme or clear independently in the taskbar

In the section of Personalization of Configuration, various color combinations are available. After accessing the Colors section, select the Custom mode. With it, you can choose to use the dark mode in the applications, but the light mode in the Windows interface, which includes the taskbar. Also, you can use a reverse combination.

Customize the start menu to the maximum

This is a folder pinned to the taskbar.

The start menu is part of the Windows taskbar. Historically, it has always been located on the left side of the screen, or at the top if the bar is used on one of the sides. There are several things you can do to make the start menu suit you.

How to pin a folder to the start menu

The Windows 10 start menu it has an area where you can pin applications, folders and other shortcuts. It is a good place to add a shortcut to your favorite folders. All you have to do, from the file explorer, is to right click on any directory and, in the context menu, select Anchor to start . Your folder will be attached to the start menu quickly.

8 Tricks for Windows 10 File Explorer

How to remove an application from the start menu

If you have just set up your laptop, you may have noticed that the start menu is full of applications. It is also possible that you have pinned an application to the start menu inadvertently. In any case, it is very easy to remove it. All you have to do, by right-clicking on its icon, is to open the context menu. In it, choose the option Unpin from startup . Quickly, it will be gone.

How to change the size of an icon in the menu Home

The home menu tiles are available in four sizes: small, medium , wide and large. Depending on the application, some sizes will not be available. To modify the dimensions of the icon, just specify which one you prefer in the context menu that appears when you right-click on the icon. Specifically, you can select it in the drop-down Change the size .

Add your favorite contacts to the taskbar

A direct access to your favorite contacts.

If there are some contacts that you need to interact with frequently, you should try this trick. The Windows taskbar is fully integrated with the native Contacts application. To enable this feature, simply click Show Contacts on the taskbar . This option is placed in the context menu that appears when you right-click. Remember that it is essential that you set up an account in the Mail, Calendar and Contacts application.

How to center the icons on the taskbar

Finally, we recommend Taskbar X . This application, available for download in the Microsoft Store, will help you take the taskbar to the next level. Thanks to it, it is possible to modify the style, add transparency, adjust the position of the icons and much more. Most users use it to center the taskbar icons and make it look very similar to the macOS dock. This application only costs 1.49 euros .

Download | Taskbar X

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