So you can measure the air quality of your home for less than 30 euros

You can use smart sensors to have all kinds of information about your home. For example temperature, humidity, detect water leaks… There are also motion sensors to detect possible intruders. In this article we are going to talk about something important such as air quality sensors. You will see that they are not that expensive and that you can find cheap options on Amazon.

What are air quality sensors used for?

The objective of smart air quality sensors is to provide information about the air in a room or home. They are able to analyze CO2 gases and show, based on the particles it detects, whether the air is good, fair or bad. This helps you know when to ventilate a room or the whole house.

There are different types, since you can find them with a touch screen or simply a device that you place and control it from the mobile application. There are also more complete ones that can even measure temperature and humidity. Other more expensive ones can offer other types of more precise measurements.

In our case what interests us is to show some air quality sensors for less than 30 euros And what are you going to find on Amazon? They offer the essential, which is to measure CO2 gases and tell us if a room is charged, for example, and thus know what to ventilate. Very useful in winter, when we can spend much more time without the air being renewed.

cheap air quality sensors

An example of a cheap air quality sensor that we can find on Amazon for less than 30 euros is this one from brand laxxy. It has fast measurement for CO2, but also includes a temperature and humidity monitor. Its main mission is to calculate the concentration of carbon dioxide.

It offers information by levels on its screen and in this case it has four colors to know the quality of the air: green, yellow, orange and red. Logically, the ideal is that it is in the color green. It has a large capacity battery and is charged via USB C port.

Another different model is this Rrunzfon brand. In this case it does not have a screen where you can see the information, but you will have to link it to a mobile app that you can use with Android or iOS. You can install it wherever you want and it will start measuring the CO2 levels in the air. It also charges via USB.

You can also find this Innjoo brand. It is right now on sale on Amazon and you can buy this air quality sensor for less than 30 euros. It is multifunctional and beyond detecting CO2 levels, it will also show humidity or temperature. It has a good 3000 mAh battery and a digital LCD screen.

In short, these are some options for air quality measurement sensors that you can find on Amazon for less than 30 euros. They are very interesting to place in a home or in more specific places such as a garage, for example.

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