SOC as a Service: what it is and why it improves security

What is SOC as a Service?

First of all, we must explain what the acronyms mean. SOC. If we translate it into Spanish we can say that it is the Security Operations Center. It is basically a team of cybersecurity experts who work to detect attacks, prevent information theft and avoid any security problem within an organization.

Therefore, a SOC as a Service is the term by which this type of service is known. A company may contract the services of such a team to monitor the Informatic security of that organization and thus avoid any type of problem that may appear and put confidential data or the operation of the equipment at risk.

A SOC will focus on their role 24 hours a day, without having to attend to other jobs. Its mission is to track possible vulnerabilities, keep equipment and systems updated, have programs that prevent the entry of malware, etc. This is generally aimed at companies and organizations that want to maximize security.

Although many users can take measures to protect the security of the systems, install antivirus, check for updates… The truth is that there are certain factors that need to be carried out by professionals in charge of avoiding cyberattacks and complications that may arise.

exist threats that can paralyze a company in a matter of seconds. For example, a ransomware attack that encrypts all files, a DDoS attack that causes a web page to be down for hours, information theft, malware that causes systems to malfunction… To deal with all this, it is necessary to have qualified personnel. that, thanks to the knowledge acquired, they can solve this type of complications that may appear at any given time.

Which has benefits

You may be wondering what are the benefits of actually hiring a SOC. We are going to explain the most important points of why it is something essential today for many organizations facing avoid attacks computer security that may affect the proper functioning of the company and even damage the reputation by exposing customer data.

Outsource services

One of the clear benefits of being able to have a SOC as a Service is being able to outsource services instead of maintaining your own team in the organization. This goes to lower costs, since we can contract the services when they are really necessary and not maintain our own for the company, with the cost that this entails.

This will also allow functions to be released to other workers who do belong to the staff of that organization. Each one will be able to carry out their tasks in a stable way, without having to dedicate themselves to others that may affect performance or for which they are not even prepared.

Experienced Security Staff

By contracting a SOC as a service, we will be able to choose a cyber security staff of wide experience, prepared for any problem that may arise. Keep in mind that there is a shortage of professionals in the field of cybersecurity and not all companies may have employees with the necessary knowledge.

By hiring a group of independent experts, from outside the organization, we will have greater guarantees that they have extensive experience and are prepared for this type of work. It is undoubtedly one of the main reasons and it will bring more benefits to an organization.

Security for organizations

Access to specialized knowledge

Following the thread of the security personnel a bit, they are a SOC as a Service, we will be able to count on experts in certain fields. Each of the team members can be specialized in a series of specific knowledge and, as a whole, make our organization significantly improve security and correct any vulnerability that can be exploited by a third party.

For example, we can talk about cloud security experts, malware analysts, personnel capable of dealing with a ransomware attack, etc. We are not going to be able to have all this internally in an organization. We can have computer security managers, but not such a wide range of options that allows us to deal with any complication that may appear.

updated security

Another clear benefit is being able to have a updated equipment, with the most recent knowledge. If there is a clear problem in cybersecurity, it is obsolescence. What is valid today, most likely in a matter of months or a few years has already changed radically and we must adapt.

Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to break passwords, attack servers, put systems at risk… To deal with this, it is essential to have good tools and defense methods. That’s where hiring a SOC as a service also comes into play. Without a doubt, we will have a team of cybersecurity professionals perfectly adapted to current times and with the best tools to deal with any problem that may arise.

Findings from a SOC

Therefore, in conclusion, we can say that a SOC as a Service is a very interesting option for companies and organizations in general that seek to enhance computer security and prevent the entry of any type of attack. For example, viruses, malware, ransomware that can subsequently request an economic ransom, DDoS attacks that block a server and we have to take quick action, etc.

Having specialized workers in an organization is more expensive and it is also complex that they are really adapted to the needs that we may have. For example, being prepared for a specific type of cyber attack that requires extensive knowledge.

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