Star Trek: William Shatner criticizes how Spock was used in new films

When JJ Abrams rebooted the Star Trek, in 2009, he reported Leonard Nimoy on the big screen to play the character of Spock, appeared both in Star Trek that in Star Trek Into Darkness how “Spock Prime“.

Fans have always had mixed feelings about these films but, in our opinion, it was still nice to see Nimoy return to the role that made him famous. An opinion not shared by Nimoy’s longtime co-star, William Shatner, who, in a recent interview with the Daily Express, was quite critical of the way the colleague was used in the new Star Trek films.

William Shatner criticizes the way Spock was used in the new Star Trek films

“Leonard Nimoy was in some of those movies, but it was totally free. They just wanted to put Spock there and I didn’t like it. “

Shatner however went on to explain that, if there was a concrete way to bring the character back into the franchise, he wouldn’t mind the idea:

“If they could find a way to put a character that I played into a film, making the idea work and, at the same time, progressing the plot of the film, I’d be happy.”

Which, let’s face it, is probably a bit like the character of Spock was used in the Star Trek films made by JJ Abrams. But we’re still talking about Shatner, aren’t we?

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