Star Wars, a new role-playing game from Edge Studio is coming

Edge Studio, who has recently joined Asmodee’s family, has announced that she will make a new one Role playing game set in the universe of Star Wars. So it’s time again to grab our dice set and embark on a new adventure in the Far Far Galaxy.

Let’s see what awaits us from the playful studio that brought us titles like The Legend of the 5 Rings RPG or Genesys.

Star Wars, a new role-playing game from Edge Studio is coming

The enthusiasm that transpires from the Edge Studios release is great, thanks to the new agreement reached they will in fact be able to work on one of the most iconic settings, and that at Edge Studio – and not only – they know since childhood.

We are very excited about the opportunity to work on one of the most loved IPs in the world. We want to continue in the footsteps of Fantasy Flight Games’ fantastic work over the years, while bringing our vision of what a Star Wars RPG should be like.

These are the words of Gilles Garnier, head of Edge Studio.

Thanks to this new agreement, new opportunities are also opening up to make reprints of the previous Star Wars RPGs. In particular, the three lines already carried out in the past are those called Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, And Force and Destiny, created by FFG which, as you know, has been part of the Asmodee Group for some time now.

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