State of Decay 3 could use Unreal Engine 5

State of Decay 3, announced a year ago during the Xbox Games Showcase event, could be made using theUnreal Engine 5, the graphics engine made by Epic Games.

The indiscretion comes from a personal search list issued by Undead Labs, authors of State of Decay, where experience is required on the use of some exclusive features of Unreal Engine 5, mainly related to the audio sector.

Will Unreal Engine 5 be moving State of Decay 3?

Of news related to State of Decay 3 Relatively few have come out in the last year, many of which confirmed the continuation of work on the new game from Undead Labs or the use of new techniques such as photogrammetry and advanced physics.

Fans of the video game have been waiting for months for new information that may anticipate something of the third chapter of the franchise and what a user discovered could make many fans happy.

Through the BambooHR site, which offers job opportunities, the user Klobrille discovered that the software house that is developing State of Decay 3 is looking for personnel who know how to use Unreal Engine 5, thus deducing that the game will be made with that graphics engine.

Reaching this conclusion was not difficult, finding among the jobs requested by the company the need to “collaborate with our sound designers to implement audio in Blueprints (UE5)“. Blueprints is the visual scripting system used in the Unreal Engine to realize a wide variety of features within the game.

If all this were confirmed it would mean a further step forward in the technical realization, bringing the quality level of the game very high. State of Decay 2 used the Unreal Engine 4, which with its power had made significant improvements to the first chapter.

This possibility would guarantee a State of Decay 3 to arrive on the next generation consoles, implementing innovative game features as well as an almost cinematic visual rendering.

The final rendition of the survival open world may not deviate much from the trailer released during the game’s announcement, providing a State of Decay 3 the chance to be among the best of its kind.

Now we are just waiting to find out if Undead Labs will confirm the use of the new version of the Epic Games graphics engine or if it will develop it with a duly improved version of Unreal Engine 4.

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