Student Self-esteem Problems and How to Fight Them

What problems does a lack of self-esteem caused?

In the university context, as in life, many.

We can think of self-esteem problems as obstacles that slow down or slow down our path.

We will often feel inadequate for situations, not ready, or not motivated without there being a real reason to be. All this slows down the achievement of our goals, we do not fully believe in our possibilities, and so on. It may be considered when you also need to pay for papers because you can’t have any motivation to write your paper on your own.

In the specific case of the university, self-esteem problems are often associated with:

  • Fear of taking exams
  • Fear of rejecting grades that we perceive as too low
  • Never feel ready to take an exam
  • Make constant comparisons with other kids
  • Various and any other problems …

But now we come to the main question of the article:

Is self-esteem an established fact that we must keep for the rest of life? Fortunately, no!

And this is the first good news you received today. If you think you have low self-esteem, don’t worry, it’s fixable! Dozens and dozens of research pieces and books on self-esteem confirm that this is not an acquired fact but something that can be modified and alienated.

Training is the key. We need to work on our self-esteem and our thoughts to be able to unhinge them once and for all. Here are some tips that may be right for you. However, this is hard to do when you’re constantly doing assignments, but with a paper helper, students can get more free time.

Accept yourself

The first step is to love yourself as you are. I’m not persuading you to resign, I’m just saying that any growth path only works if you accept yourself as you are.

It is one thing to be at peace with oneself but to be aware that we can improve, another is to be critical of ourselves. In the second case, every progress will never be enough, in the first case, every progress will be a new step towards the best version of us.

Question negative thoughts

The first step in overcoming your lack of self-esteem is to question all those thoughts that feed it:

  • I’m not enough
  • I will not be able
  • I’m not up to it

Try to do one thing. The next time you have one of these thoughts, write it down on a piece of paper and start examining each thought in relation to the specific situation you are in.

For example, if you know that you are studying poorly and you repeat to yourself that you are not able to study that subject, ask yourself why you have these thoughts, how you could improve the situation, it is only your fault or the subject is really difficult, only for you it is so tiring prepare for the exam or do several colleagues think like you?

In this way you will defuse negative thinking and brick by brick you will “undo” your lack of self-esteem.

Define your growth goals

Suppose you feel you can hardly memorize topics at university, you are not really capable (in your way of seeing things).

Well, carry out growth goals towards what you want to improve, in this case, memorization techniques.

Start studying how to improve that specific skill and train it constantly, in this way in addition to improving “technically” on that thing you are also “training your self-esteem”.

Write a personal journal

The strength of the personal diary lies in allowing you to write about it all the thoughts that come to your mind. Bringing these thoughts out helps you create a history and understand how in the days you are actually working on improving your self-esteem. Yep, it’s time for custom writing.

Write down what you’re worth

Those with low self-esteem always think of finding the negative things about their character, the problems.

The average university student thinks he is unable to study, does not have a study method, and so on. However, they should remember that services like are always there to support their studies.

Ok, there it can be but as we take into account our weaknesses, it is absolutely necessary to do this with our strengths as well.

Take a piece of paper and write down the things you are good at, in which you consider yourself “strong”, and your strengths. Keep that sheet with you always. When things go wrong, open it and read what is written on it, you will understand that the negative situation is more the result of circumstances than your real limitation.

 Have nothing to write down? Well, work on your skills that you’d like to see improved – Six Tips to Help You Write Better Essays in College.

More Weapons to Boost Your Self-esteem

If you have reached the end of the article, I am very happy for you. It is never easy to take the first step towards “the best version of you”. One thing I want you to remember well about these lines: improving your self-esteem is possible. Practice with the self-esteem exercises I included in the previous paragraphs and reap the rewards of the best person in the world, YOU!


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