Summoner Wars Online is now… online!

Summoner Wars Online, the video game based on the famous board game by Colby Dauch And Plaid Hat Games (which just this year was the protagonist of the arrival of a second edition), has finally come out of the beta phase and is now available for free for all fans of the franchise.

From today we will be able to play Summoner Wars Online freely

“The beta has been operational since May 2021 for subscribers and that feedback has been essential for the release of a digital app that we, at Plaid Hat Games, are very proud of.” you can read about the announcement of the release of Summoner Wars Online. “Thanks to the players, we were able to fix the bugs and make our Digital Online Unfriendly Gamer (DOUG) a more formidable foe for solo play.”

Yes, because thanks to Summoner Wars Online, not only will we be able to play the fantasy strategy game in multiplayer, with our friends or against opponents from all over the world, but also learn the basics through a tutorial and, even if it has not been made yet available in this version, face a solo campaign.

Through the game’s official website we will also be able to purchase additional decks or subscribe to the service (subscribers can redeem virtual decks and keep them in their account as they collect physical Summoner Wars decks), as well as watch our friends’ games and take starts in tournaments.

You can try the digital adaptation of the board game for free on the Plaid Hat Games official website.

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