Surfshark VPN deal: 83% off and 3 months free

Why choose Surfshark?

Surfshark is currently one of the best VPN services that we can hire, this VPN promises to be no-log, that is, does not keep any record of our activity on the Internet, so we will have an extra privacy when using this VPN. When we use a VPN service to protect our identity on the Internet, it is essential to have a VPN service that guarantees “no-log” or “no logs.” In this case, Surfshark is externally audited by Cure53 with excellent results.

Surfshark One offers us a protection of our digital identity, providing both privacy and security, both to users of Windows operating systems as well as Android. Now Surfshark offers VPN which is its star product, but it also has antivirus, a private search engine without ads and without the need to use cookies or trackers, in addition, it will also notify us in case our passwords or bank cards are leaked to the darknet.

Thanks to the use of a VPN service like Surfshark, we will be able to access all content from Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime, DAZN, HBO and many others, without having limitation problems when watching movies or series due to being in Spain. Thanks to this possibility, we can watch Netflix as if we were really in the US or in any other country. Surfshark allows us to configure Smart TVs easily and quickly, configuring the VPN client on our router and route the traffic of the TV or televisions through the VPN, in order to be able to watch Netflix on the TV without problems. Another possibility is to install Surfshark directly on our Smart TV with Android, or use the Fire Stick to watch it.

A very important feature is that Surfshark has updated their servers in the locations most used, now we will not have 1Gbps of shared bandwidth between all clients, but we will have 10Gbps. Thanks to this update, we will not have a bottleneck in the network, and that means that we can achieve really high speeds with the same servers, in addition, more people will be able to connect to each server without their performance being affected. Finally, Surfshark allows us use the same VPN account with multiple devices simultaneously, without any kind of limit, whether on Windows, Linux, macOS, Apple TV, Android, Fire Stick and even configured directly on your router.

Surfshark offer on Black Friday 2021

The Surfshark VPN offer consists of an 83% discount compared to the normal price, plus a total of 3 months completely free when contracting the 2-year subscription. This VPN will cost us approximately € 1.91 per month on average, during the 27 months that we have (24 months plus the three free months that they give us). This is a great opportunity to buy one of the best VPN services that exist today, you can access this promotion directly from here:

As you have seen, thanks to this great offer we will be able to keep our devices protected, since this service is multiplatform. In addition, you can also use it directly on the router because it provides us with data about the OpenVPN servers, so by adapting the client’s configuration we could connect without problems.

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