Tamagotchi: pre-orders open for the R2-D2 version of Star Wars

If you have ever adopted a virtual duck-shaped alien in the past and have always been a fan of the saga of Star Wars, today you will be happy to know that Bandai has officially opened pre-orders for the Tamagotchi from R2-D2, the most famous droid in the galaxy far, far away.

“Star Wars has proven to be a timeless franchise that fans are eager to continue exploring, which makes it an absolute thrill to be able to incorporate it into the Tamagotchi experience.”, has explained Takayoshi Oyama by Bandai. “The Tamagotchi R2-D2 is a historic collaboration and we can’t wait to see how fans of the franchise react to this space device!”

The R2-D2 Tamagotchi is coming

The R2-D2 Tamagotchi will arrive in the homes of fans in two different colors, white and blue (as per the cover image) and will allow you to train the droid by teaching him 19 different skills. Our task will be to keep it charged, clean and make it play with one of the 9 minigames included in this new version of the famous digital companion, born in the 90s from an idea of Akihiro Yokoi And Aki Maita. Among these will be immediately available the Holosquacks and a minigame based on firefights.

But be careful not to let our Tamagotchi droid “die”, because a Java could pass by our part to retrieve the wreckage.

Unfortunately, in order to get our hands on the R2-D2 Tamagotchi we will have to wait a little longer in Italy, as the pre-orders have been open at the moment only for the US market, where the game will debut next November. In the meantime, we can console ourselves by falling back on Evangelion’s Tamagotchi.

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