Teaching Math Through Technology: Top Apps And Tools For Kids

You have tried everything from hiring a tutor to giving extra math homework and taking additional quizzes to help your child improve their math grades, but nothing seems to work. The good news is that technology has brought new simplified, fun ways to learn math through math game apps and digital math tools for kids online. Learning math has become easier for your kids through the following apps and devices.

1. Prodigy math

Prodigy math is a fantasy-based math game app offering major math topics from math for 1st graders to math for 8th graders. If you have interacted with pokemon, learning with prodigy will be a walk-over, as the game involves different learners competing in math duels against in-game characters. The learner aims to win the game by answering math questions tailored to their learning goals. The app has in-app kids math tools that allow the teacher to customize the questions to fit in as extra class work. The tools also include reports that help evaluate the kids’ progress and identify areas of difficulty.

2. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy is a collection of kids math apps developed by experts at the Stanford Graduate school of Education for personalized learning resources in and out of the classroom. Among the many kids’ math apps, khan academy provides step-by-step instructional videos that help improve the basic skills of the learner through common problems. After finishing the videos, the learner takes a quiz to test their knowledge of what they have learned. Through this, the tutors can identify the areas the kids struggle to understand.

3. Marble math junior

Marble math is an app designed by Artig Studio to help kids in elementary school to practice early math like addition and subtraction. The game app features an interactive program where the learners roll a virtual marble to the correct answer after working out the calculations. The tutors can personalize to fit in with the kids’ personalities and skills as it provides three different difficulty levels and 16 marble styles. Though the app is not free, it is worth paying for it for your kid if you want to improve their math skills.

4. Moose math

Moose Math is a math game app that offers free math games and tools for kindergarteners and 1st graders. The game features five activities:moose juice, paint pet, pet bingo, lost and found, and dot to dot. All these activities involve completing challenges by counting, adding, and subtracting. After completing these activities, the learners get rewards that they can use to build a city of their own. These activities make learning interactive and fun.

5. Splash Learn

Splash Learn aims to provide learners with a self-paced curriculum-aligned program by making arithmetics fun and engaging for all levels of learners. It features fun tools like virtual rewards, explanations for wrong answers, and a progress board. Splash apps are free to sign up for but charge as low as $7.99 monthly.

With such great apps, parents opt out of formal schools and homeschool their kids since they can access all learning materials online from their homes.

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