The “Behind the Mac” from Canada to the world

One of the videos that they usually make in Apple to promote the work of artists with Macs is the “Behind the Mac” and they usually hang it on their official YouTube channel as they did yesterday. In this case we have a video dedicated to Canadians and their work with culture. The stories they show in just under 40 seconds are really key to putting a face to the artists. This new behind the Mac shows some of the Canadians who are succeeding in world music culture through their creativity.

Logically Apple takes out chest that they are creating it with the help of a Mac so it shows several shots of various Canadian artists in front of their teams:

This type of videos is usually common and it is not that it is directly advertising for Macs but obviously they boast of the potential they have together with the good work of the artists. In this case, the Cupertino company adds the song ‘Hot’ by Freq Motif & Just John to the video, so we have a perfect combo for this new Behind the Mac. It is also important to explain that the company’s commitment to artists It is similar to what they have with application developers, we can say that it is total.

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