The Hunger: a new game from Richard Garfield is coming

It will arrive in the next few months The Hunger, a new board game from Richard Garfield, now a legendary author of games such as Magic, Android: Netrunner is KeyForge.

Let’s find out something more about this title, which should be available, at least in the original language, during this summer.

The Hunger, a new deck-building from Richard Garfield is coming soon

The Hunger (literally hunger) is a deck-building for 2 to 6 players, for matches lasting about an hour. The protagonists are vampires: driven by an ancestral and mystical hunger, the bloodsuckers come out at night to hunt their most succulent prey, us. At first they travel light and fast; but the more they feed, the slower and heavier they become (deck construction continues with vampire nutrition) and thus make it more difficult to return to the castle before sunrise. No need to explain what happens to a vampire who gets caught by the first light of dawn, right?

Richard Garfield’s new board game will be released thanks to the publisher Renegade Game Studios; The Hunger pre-orders are already open, but the first availability date, as stated to date, is next 10 August.

For now, no local publishing house has come forward to announce the localization of the new MTG dad card game, but we will certainly let you know if and when there will be news to this effect.

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