4 Awesome Typing Race Games to Occupy Your Mind

Of all the different types of online games that exist, typing games are one of the more niche varieties. After all, it’s a pretty novel concept to control the gameplay only by typing. Some of these games are designed for people who are learning how to type, while others are 100% designed with entertainment in mind. But of course, users do tend to notice that their typing skills get sharper the more they play typing race games. mujer sosteniendo un iPhone durante el día

If this sounds like something that would interest you, the next step is to pick your typing game. There are innumerable options available, but the obscurity of the niche means that many of them simply aren’t that well-designed. If you want the quintessential typing game experience, you’ll want to go with the best of the best. It’s the same as with finding other games, like if you wanted to play typing race games. If you want to have a great time, you should visit a site like Foony that offers a variety of multiplayer games. This type of site offers something for everyone, resulting in hours of fun as you play with strangers and friends online.

#1: Desert Typing Racer

You’re in the driver’s seat of a car, you’re speeding down a desert road, you’re on a collision course with other cars going in the opposite direction – and the only way to save yourself is by typing the correct words. That’s the premise of Desert Typing Racer, a game that goes from simpler to more complex words as it progresses. You’re allowed to jump over cars if you just can’t get a word right, but only for a limited number of times. If you crash one or two times, your car will be able to take it; however, your damage level will be creeping up with every crash. If the damage level hits 100%, you lose the game. On the bright side, though, you’ve gotten in some typing practice, and you can always start over again!

#2: ZType

The sky is falling, and it’s made of words! ZType is a survival typing game, in which words fall downwards from the heavens above. The goal is to clear them (by typing them, of course) before they reach the ground. The animations for this game are quite engaging, with each typed letter resulting in a missile firing off. Every word that’s cleared disappears in an explosion; if you’re about to die from the hail of enemy words, you can resort to an EMP blast that temporarily clears the air. This feature can only be used a few times, though, so you have to time it carefully. The longer your success streak is, the trickier the words get – and the cooler the explosions become! The especially difficult words will have unique abilities and behaviors, and they’ll start coming in waves to push your typing abilities to their limits.

#3: TypeRacer

This multiplayer game has several different modes, so you can customize each session. Play by yourself with practice mode, have your friends join you in private races, or join the fun in public races. You’ll be competing with other typists all over the globe in real time, which can heighten the stakes and add to the fun. If you make an account, you can even keep track of your scores. Why do this? Because this would let you aim for the game’s continuously updated leaderboard. This is where the fastest typists are celebrated; at the very least, it’s something to inspire you as you improve your typing game skills! Registering with TypeRacer will also let you track your own scores, so you can mark your improvement over time. Even if you don’t feel like comparing yourself to the best players in the game, you may get a kick out of comparing your current scores to former ones.

#4: TouchType

TouchType is fairly minimalist, but it’s still entertaining enough to garner plenty of fans. This is partly due to its general appeal as a typing race game, but the Star Wars-inspired aesthetic definitely adds to the cool factor. You can choose Padawan mode, or Survivalist mode. With the first option, text scrolls upwards from the bottom edge of the screen, and the player has to accurately type them before they get to the top. With each cleared word, your points will increase. With the second option, you aren’t just dealing with words; you’re also having to clear entire phrases! Rather than rising up from below, they’ll be falling from above. You’ll be clearing them as they appear, and racking up as many points as possible. This is a fairly unforgiving mode, though; the first word or phrase that escapes your typing skills means game over.

Typing games for teaching vs. fun

When searching for typing race games online, you’ll probably encounter more than a few typing games that are designed to be educational, rather than for fun. They’ll still have entertaining graphics and an amusing premise, but the difference in purpose usually results in a game that wouldn’t be played by someone unless they were trying to learn how to type.

The main difference is the way they’re structured. For example, the typing race games above will increase in difficulty within one session; you can go from basic to complex fairly quickly. Learning typing games, on the other hand, have a much slower pace. They’re designed to meet students at their current level, and gradually guide them through each stage of typing skills. Even with the best graphics and the most interesting storyline, that seems like slow progress compared to a typing race game. Plus, the younger generations grew up with laptops and smartphones; they’re already familiar with QWERTY keyboards, even if they aren’t very accurate typists. This means that most learning typing games are geared towards younger children, who are learning to type just as older generations learned formal handwriting. They might be entertaining for a while, but they won’t compare to the intensity of typing racing games.

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