The Last of Us 2 becomes the game with the most GOTY awards

Lately it’s all bad news for CD-Projekt. If until now they could avoid the criticism received by Cyberpunk 2077 claiming that they were the developers of the most successful video game with the GOTY awards , from now on they will not be able to do so.

And the fact is that the throne that The Witcher 3 occupied has been usurped by a tough competitor who has been on his heels for a long time. Indeed, we are referring to The Last of Us 2 .

There is no doubt: both are real great games. But both the specialized media and the users have determined that the Naughty Dog title becomes the one that has won the highest number of prizes Game of the Year .

It has recently received the number 261 , thus unseating The Witcher 3 that since its launch a little more than five years ago had harvested a total of 260 GOTY’s. The top 3, how could it be otherwise, is closed by the first installment of The Last of Us, displaying a total number of 254 awards.

Returning to the second installment , 66 percent of these awards correspond to the evaluations made by the specialized press in the field of video games. The rest were received by the gamers who scored what, for them, were the best titles of the year 2020.

History, technical section and gameplay

Several aspects have led to The Last of Us 2 surpasses The Witcher 3 in the number of GOTY’s received. The first thing is the storyline, very well worked and that was not without controversy.

Some users did not like certain decisions of the development team. However, they have ended up proving to be effective in winning over critics. Joel and Ellie , a kind of adopted daughter, return to make an appearance in the second installment, but this time the story focuses more on the female character.

Shortly after the start of the campaign, a plot twist chills players with something they didn’t expect. It is then that one begins to realize that one is before a masterpiece .

The flashbacks are very well implemented throughout history and are not tedious as it happens in other video games. Quite the contrary: the gamer is grateful to be able to investigate further into the relationship between Joel and Ellie, which was protected in the first installment by his ‘father’, who prevented him from dying in an operation to obtain a cure for a dangerous virus that besieged much of the population.

As expected, beyond the charismatic Joel and the fighting Ellie appear in action new characters or, those already present in the first installment, acquire greater significance, exemplifying the brother of the protagonist.

But a video game could not have reached such a number of GOTY’s only with a good story. Much more is needed, and of course The Last of Us 2 has it. We are talking about both the technical section and the gameplay.

At a graphic level, few titles of the year 2020 reproduce on a video console what this great Naughty Dog game is capable of showing. All the scenarios are very well detailed , although what is most surprising is the quality of the facial features.

Emotions can be ascertained with a simple look at the faces of the characters. If to this we add a dubbing that is up to the demands of the saga, the result is that the cinematics seem more like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster.

On the other hand, many of the 261 GOTY awards have been for The Last of Us 2 for the gameplay so good that it boasts . The player every two by three is invited to explore the scenarios in search of resources, which they will need to progress in an unforgettable adventure crossing part of the United States.

The moments of the game Pure action are also highly enjoyable thanks to the optimal targeting system , looking like a title belonging to the shooter genre.

All this adds up to maximum fluidity thanks to the fact that TLOU2 does not show drops in frames per second, thus giving rise to a set that will hardly be surpassed in the future.

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