These are the latest tricks they use to scam you on social networks

Techniques to steal through social networks

A very common method to attack social networks is through phishing attacks. They are basically login sites that are actually fake. The victim puts her credentials and passwords, but all that will end up in the hands of hackers and they will thus gain access.

But beyond that usual method, in recent times other different techniques are growing. This is indicated by the report made from NortonLifeLock, by Norton Labs. One of them is the fake account blocking. What does this mean? They try to make believe that the victim’s account has been blocked, but in reality it is false. They are looking for you to fall into the trap and they need to see what has happened and they are going to end up putting the data.

Another technique that has grown a lot, especially on social networks like Instagram, is the promise of greatly increase the number of followers. In this case, what they do is offer software, a supposed program, which, when installed, will make the account have more weight and can attract more followers. It is logically a malware that can steal passwords or system information.

They have also used the scam of verified accounts. What the attackers do is offer a supposed method to make an account become verified and have more prestige. They invite the victim to install a certain program or access a web page. The problem, once again, is that it is a trick to sneak malware or steal data.

As you can see, they use different techniques beyond traditional Phishing attacks to steal social networks or personal data. This means that we must take certain precautions and not fall into the trap.

Signs of a stolen social network

What to do to be protected

Most important of all is the common sense. You must avoid falling into these types of traps. The hackers are going to need you to do something, make a mistake. For example, installing a file, opening a link, sending a message… If you avoid this type of error, you can improve security and avoid problems.

It is also a good idea to have security programs. A good antivirus can help you in case you mistakenly open a file that is actually a scam. You will be able to detect it before it runs and it can start stealing personal information without you being aware of it.

On the other hand, it is equally important keep everything updated. Sometimes hackers exploit vulnerabilities that may exist. If you have the operating system with all the patches, as well as the updated applications, you will be able to avoid many attacks that could also compromise your social networks.

In short, as you can see there are different techniques that they can use to steal your social networks. It is important to take steps and be prepared to prevent social media hijacking and protect privacy.

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