These are the most common scams when paying online, protect yourself

Frequent scams when paying online

Think of the large number of applications that you have available to buy online. Platforms like Amazon, eBay or any page more specialized in something specific. Just by entering your information, selecting the product and paying, you can have it at home in a matter of days. But that is also used by hackers to attack.

fake app

One option they have scam when paying or buying online is to create fake applications. They can use different strategies to achieve their goal. They usually create a copy that pretends to be a legitimate program. The victim believes that she is entering a secure application to search for products and purchase, but in fact she is not.

What can cybercriminals do? The first thing is collect all kinds of data in the transaction. User information, bank card details, etc. But it could also use these fake apps to sneak malware and gain access to the device.

To avoid this type of problem, it is best to install only official applications. To do this, you can go to the official page of the program or use reliable application stores such as Google Play. It is true that even then a fake app could sneak in, but you will have a much higher chance of being sure.

Copy of a website

A hacker can create a website pretending to be legitimate, but it is actually a scam. In this way they can launch attacks such as web skimming, which basically consists of stealing personal data and any type of information that the victim puts on that site. This also includes card details when paying.

What to do to avoid this? Without a doubt, common sense is important and review the site very well before paying. Always enter by entering the URL directly into the browser or by doing a Google search. Avoid accessing through links you receive, for example. You can always spot a fake website.

Discount code that is malware

This strategy is used a lot as bait. You can send assumptions discount codes through social networks or even via WhatsApp messages if they have previously infected another person’s device. But of course, they are discount codes that are actually false and that will take the victim to a fraudulent page or will make them download a malicious file.

Take a good look at this type of discount codes and offers. Do not trust anything similar that comes to you through social networks and always check to see if it is really reliable or not.

Exploit insecure accounts

Another method cybercriminals can use is to simply exploit user accounts that they are unprotected. And here we can name any of the main platforms to buy online, such as Amazon. If they detect any vulnerability, if they manage to get into that account, they can carry out scams.

Without a doubt, the important thing here is to protect the account well. Use strong and secure passwords that comply with all guarantees. If that service allows it, activate two-step authentication to create an extra layer of security and prevent them from entering without your permission.

In short, these are some of the main scams that you will find when buying something online. It is important that you always make payments securely and avoid compromising personal information.

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