These are the risks of sharing the Internet with your mobile, be very careful!

We can say that today we have access to Wi-Fi networks almost anywhere. However, sometimes it is not possible or it is complicated, such as traveling on a bus, train or even in areas with low coverage where we cannot even access mobile data. One option in these cases is mobile internet sharing to other devices and people. Now, does this have risks? Let’s talk about it.

Dangers of sharing Wi-Fi with mobile

There may be several options. One is when, for example, you need to connect to the Internet from your computer and you share a network from your mobile, and another is when you share that network with another person so that they can also connect. The latter may be necessary when you have coverage in one place and the other person, who is from another operator, does not. But this can have certain dangers.

They can enter the network

The first risk is that by sharing the Internet you will be creating a network. If you don’t protect it well, an intruder can gain access. For example if you do not put a password or use weak encryption and they manage to exploit the key to enter. It is something that you should avoid by all means if you want to stay safe.

Sometimes you may trust yourself and think that no one is going to connect and, for convenience, you create the network without a password. But think that this is a mistake and they could come to access Wi-Fi what are you creating

Data consumption

Another problem with sharing a connection with other devices or people is that there may be a big data consumption. You could see your available rate start to drop dramatically. This can happen if, for example, you connect a computer to your mobile and it starts installing updates automatically.

Those updates might be set to install automatically when you connect to a Wi-Fi network. But of course, it is actually mobile data that you are consuming. You can always limit Internet spending by sharing mobile data.

Improper use of the connection

Of course, there could be a misuse of the connection and that will affect you. It can be due to legal issues as well as simple blocks on certain websites. We are not just talking about the other person committing some cyber crime, something as simple as entering a platform several times or using cheats in a video game and that IP is blocked.

That would affect you too, indirectly. You could have problems later entering a page or platform where that IP address has been limited.


You should also keep in mind that the connection performance it will decrease. If you are going to share mobile data to other devices or people, think that there are more active connections and that can slow down or cause cuts to appear. Be careful with this if you need 100% connection.

In addition, the mobile battery will decrease. It is a consumption that can become excessive if you share the connection for a long time and do not plug it into the current.

In short, as you see Share internet It is something very common and useful, but you must take into account that complications may appear. You could have certain problems and it is convenient to have everything well configured.

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