These devices should be connected by Ethernet cable and not WiFi

Devices you should connect to the Ethernet port

There will be times when you have the opportunity to connect something to the Internet both wired and wireless. Others, on the other hand, you will only be able to connect via Wi-Fi. Therefore, in which you can choose it can be interesting connect via ethernet cable and thus have better results, with greater stability and speed.


A first case in which it is interesting to connect the device via Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi is when we talk about a Smart TV. Televisions usually have both options. By connecting it by cable we can have greater stability and even more speed. This is important to play high-definition media content without cutouts.

Therefore, whenever possible we recommend connecting cable TV instead of Wi-Fi. You will have better results, with fewer problems in your day to day when you go to see a movie or series on the Internet.

desktop computers

The computers Desktops, unlike laptops, are usually in a fixed place at all times. This makes it easier to run a network cable installation and connect via Ethernet rather than Wi-Fi. You could also apply it to a laptop, but it is normal that in that case you move around the house more and it is more difficult to connect it in this way.

You can use the computer for many daily tasks. For example, upload files to the cloud, make downloads, video calls, play online… For all this, it is essential to have a good network speed and also low latency. Without a doubt, cable is better than Wi-Fi in both cases.

game console

If you are going to play with one game console, surely you will also find the possibility of connecting it by Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi. Normally you have it next to the main television, so you could take advantage of the Ethernet cable and connect it this way. That will help improve speed and have fewer problems when playing online.

You will also get a lower ping, which is essential to play certain video games. You will have advantages over connecting wirelessly, although the latter may seem more comfortable.

video players

A similar case is that of the video players. They will receive a signal to be able to watch multimedia content, such as movies or series. If you’re connecting wirelessly, you’re more likely to experience connection issues, such as continuous dropouts or errors.

On the other hand, by using an Ethernet cable you will gain stability and you will have fewer problems. It is another device that should be connected by cable, whenever possible.

In short, these devices that we have named are some of the ones that you should try to connect by Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi when possible. It is important in order to improve the connection at home and not have cuts or loss of speed. However, sometimes you will have to troubleshoot your cable Internet.

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