These fake Windows 11 installers infect your computer

They use fake Windows 11 installers to sneak malware

There are many users waiting to be able to install Windows 11 on their computers and thus have the last update. The problem is that they can be found with fake installers. They could download them with the intention of updating their computer, but in reality what they are downloading from the network is malware, adware and any other type of malicious software whose only mission is to affect security.

At the moment Windows 11 is already available to users within the Insider program. They are basically the first to receive updates of this type. Now, for the general public, it will be time to wait a few more months. As a result, hackers take advantage of the situation and post files on the Internet that pretend to be legitimate installers, but are not at all.

Now, Kaspersky security researchers have warned that many users have downloaded this type of fake files and have been infected. They were actually downloading malicious software, with payloads capable of monitoring the computer or stealing passwords. It is the entry point for many of the major security risks.

As indicated by Kaspersky, there are a wide variety of threats that are coming through the fake Windows 11 installers. They have detected adware, Trojans capable of monitoring systems, keyloggers to steal passwords and other types of malware.

They give the example of a user who downloaded a 1.75 GB file that was supposedly a Windows 11 installer. However, when running it, despite opening what was supposedly the installation process, it would sneak unwanted adware and malware.

Install from official sources, the key to avoid problems

At this point it is essential to recommend that users always install programs and systems from official sources. Not only when it comes to Windows, but to any other program that we are going to use on our devices.

Microsoft offers the download from its official site. It is a simple, safe and fast process. When the time comes for all users to be able to access this new operating system, it is the site from which we will have to download it if we want the maximum guarantees.

Downloading any type of program from third-party sources can pose a significant security problem. It could contain malware, as we have seen, but it could also serve to control our data. It is essential to make use of reliable, official platforms and from where we do not have major problems. There are viruses that affect the mouse, the network card, the speed of the system … At all times we must avoid the entry of malware.

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