They hack Western Digital and all its cloud services do not work

Western Digital, one of the largest hard drives, USB flash drives and cloud storage companies, has been affected by a serious security breach. Several critical services have had to be interrupted. The manufacturer itself has revealed a major security incident, with unauthorized access to its systems. We are going to show you what services are interrupted and how it can affect you if you have a device of this brand.

Western Digital suffers from unauthorized access

The western digital systems have recently been accessed without authorization. Specifically, this data breach took place on March 26, a week ago. Basically a third party has been able to gain access to a large number of this company’s systems. A fairly serious security incident that could have endangered a lot of data.

If you enter the WD My Cloud status website you can see a message where they show all services down. It affects cloud, proxy, web, authentication, email and also push notifications. In addition, in the history below it shows in more detail all the services that are currently not working: My Cloud, My Cloud Home, My Cloud Home Duo, My Cloud OS5, SanDisk ibi and others.

They assure that they are working on restoring these services as soon as possible. At the time of writing this article, they were not yet operational. In addition, after confirming the hack they have suffered, they have reported that they are working on giving a response as quickly as possible to see what could have happened. They have requested help from cybersecurity experts so that the investigation is as complete as possible.

What they have done from the company is disconnect several of your services. They indicate that the attacker has been able to obtain data from his systems and they are working to see to what extent it has affected. Logically it is a very important security breach and it is likely that essential data has been stolen.

They may have stolen important data

At the moment it is unknown exactly what could they steal and if there really has been data theft. However, it is likely that they have accessed vital company data and also put customer information at risk. They are currently working on seeing how they have been able to enter the systems and what access they have been able to have.

For now, the extent of all this is unknown, but without a doubt we are facing a major data breach. The use of the cloud is something that is booming, both by home users and companies. There are many who trust in services like this one from WD MyCloud and that means that illegitimate access of this type can affect many.

From the company they indicate that they will update the information shortly and give more information about this fraudulent access to their systems. They also indicate that they are working to restore service as soon as possible and get everything back to working properly and safely. In these cases, it is worth remembering the importance of using the private cloud correctly.

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