This cannot be missing if you use your mobile phone or tablet with WiFi at home

What to do so that Wi-Fi works well on mobile phones and tablets

there are certain tips that we can give you so that you can make the Wi-Fi work as well as possible if you are going to use your mobile phone or tablets. To have a good wireless connection, different factors come into play, as you will see. Sometimes small changes can make the network go faster and more stable.

Optimize coverage

The first thing you should do is make sure you have a good coverage. You can optimize it so that it arrives better. You must bear in mind that on many occasions the antennas of mobile phones, but especially tablets, may be limited and not have a great range. That makes it even more important to increase the signal.

What can you do? Something basic is to check the signal that reaches the specific areas where you are going to connect. If you see that in some area it does not reach well or you cannot even connect, it is best that you try to increase the signal. You can use PLC devices, wireless repeaters or Wi-Fi Mesh systems for this.

Choose well which band to connect to

You should also look at which Wi-Fi band you are going to connect to. Today practically all mobile phones and tablets are dual band. That means you can connect to the one of the 2.4GHz and also to that of 5GHz. What differences are there? The former is better for connecting from further away, but has less speed, while the latter is great for maximum speed, but has less range.

If, for example, you are going to use your mobile phone or tablet from a room that is very far from the router, so that the connection is not cut off, it is best to use the 2.4 GHz band. Keep this in mind and always choose the that suits you.

Disconnect data to avoid problems

Another thing that you should keep in mind when you connect to Wi-Fi, especially from your mobile phone, is disconnect data. Why do we say this? If you leave it on, it is possible that at some point the wireless network will disconnect and you will start browsing with mobile data. If, for example, you are watching a YouTube or Netflix video in high definition, that could mean significant consumption.

Our advice is to turn off mobile data whenever you join a Wi-Fi network. That will also help you save battery on the phone. It is not so problematic on tablets, since in that case we do not usually have mobile data.

Beware of programs that may interfere

Another factor to take into account is that you take a good look if you have any program that can interfere. Some may only act when you connect via Wi-Fi, but may limit the connection. For example, apps that download in the background, updates that run automatically, etc.

Also other applications such as VPN or firewalls could affect the signal. Check carefully what you have installed and how it acts when you browse the net and thus avoid problems that may affect your connection.

In short, these are some important points that you can take into account when browsing the Internet wirelessly through mobile phones and tablets. The objective is to have a good connection, without cuts and good speed.

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