This is how home automation helps you simulate that you are at home to avoid theft

How to use home automation to simulate presence

Think of your home when you go on vacation for several weeks and leave it closed without anyone. Burglars could be watching which houses stay empty and break in. If you simulate that there are people, this will stop the robbery attempts. At least you will be able to reduce the probability of that happening. Home automation, therefore, can be useful to simulate that there are people at home even though it is really empty. It is also interesting for second homes that spend many months empty.

control blinds

Something obvious that indicates that a house is empty and nobody lives is always seeing the shutters closed. That shows that, at least for a period of time, they can be without anyone inside. How does home automation help us to simulate presence? What we can do is raise and lower the blinds from time to time.

Thanks to a small home automation device in our smart home, we will be able to raise and lower blinds whenever we want. We can do it manually, simply through the mobile and entering the corresponding application, or create an automated pattern. For example, we can make those blinds open in the morning for a few hours and then close again at night or open and close at different times of the day.

This will help simulate presence in the house and scare away possible thieves. It’s a simple thing, but really effective for these cases and improve security.

Protect home with home automation

turn on lights

A similar case is that of turning on lights. If our house is always dark at night, this can be detected by thieves. They could decide to go in to steal when they see that there is no one there. If they see that there is any light onthen they will believe that there are people inside and it is more difficult for them to decide to enter.

Basically what we are going to do is the same as in the case of the blinds. We can turn lights on and off Handbook from the mobile if, for example, we are going to spend a couple of weeks away on vacation. We can also just program so that at certain hours a light is turned on. It can even be random, that is, the kitchen light turns on for a while, the living room light for another time, etc. The goal is to make it look like there are people inside.

Put on music or TV

You can too generate noise. In this case, it is mainly interesting to prevent a thief who lives nearby from thinking that the house is empty. The idea is that it seems that there are people in that house and to be able to play music or turn on the television from time to time. That, together with the above, will help prevent theft.

Once again, you will be able to program this thanks to home automation. You can turn on the television, radio or any speaker you have at home and play music. It is something that will undoubtedly be of great help for home security and avoid problems.

Therefore, as you can see, you can apply home automation to security as well. One of the examples is simply to simulate that there is a presence in a closed home, whether it is your main home when you are on vacation or a secondary home that you only use in the summer months or on weekends.

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