This is how they use your camera to sneak in a Trojan and steal your e-mail

Vulnerable IP cameras to sneak Trojans

A group of security researchers from Mandiant has detected a new threat through what they call UNC3524. This is a group of cybercriminals who aim to exploit unsupported network devices to sneak a backdoor. With this Trojan they can gain control of computers and even take over email credentials.

Specifically they attack corporate Microsoft Exchange accounts. Once they sneak malware onto these devices and successfully obtain credentials, they make Exchange API requests. They can attack different workers of a company, such as security personnel.

The command and control servers, according to the security researchers behind this discovery, are part of a botnet created by compromising IP video conferencing camera systems from brands such as LifeSize or D-Link. As it turns out, they could probably have been exploited by having default credentials and being exposed on the network.

They are mainly in charge of stealing all the emails received in an account, such as from an executive team, security personnel, etc. All this makes privacy and security compromised and it is essential to take measures to avoid this problem.

How to avoid this problem

So what can we do to avoid this problem? As we have shown, hackers are going to take advantage of vulnerabilities in IP camera systems. It is something that can happen on many occasions and that leaves systems exposed and can become a serious security problem.

To avoid being victims of this type of security flaws, it is essential to have All updated correctly. We are not only talking about IP surveillance cameras, but any other device that is connected to the network. There are many vulnerabilities that can appear and it is essential to improve protection as much as possible.

In addition to having any drivers or operating systems up to date, it is equally necessary to have good security programs. A good antivirus, for example, will prevent the entry of viruses or malware in general, as well as help detect possible malicious software that may arrive.

On the other hand, it is always necessary keep common sense. Avoiding making mistakes, such as opening an attached file that arrives by e-mail without really knowing who sent it, is essential. Precisely, hackers are going to take advantage of failures and errors made by their victims in order to launch cyber attacks of this type. Always be careful when opening an e-mail.

In short, as you have seen, we are facing a new attack that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in some IP cameras to be able to sneak in Trojans and even steal email. You can avoid this by following the tips we’ve given, such as always updating your drivers, having security software in place, and avoiding making mistakes.

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