This is the maximum number of emails you can send with Gmail

Gmail has a maximum daily limit

Whenever we use e-mail we must be aware that has limits. One of them is that we cannot send attachments beyond 25 MB in size, generally. We will also be limited to a maximum storage from which our inbox would fill up.

Something similar happens with the number of emails that we can send in the same day. This is limited, to avoid problems. However, it is a figure that rarely affects home users but it exists and must be taken into account. That number is 500, so you will not be able to send more than that number of emails in 24 hours. If you use Workspace, which is aimed at companies, that number will increase to 2,000.

As you can see, for a home user, the most they will be able to send through Gmail is 500 emails. In case it reaches that figure, the e-mails will no longer be sent. They will be suspended until the next day, where that figure is reset and you will be able to send 500 emails with Gmail.

Is it enough or does the figure fall short? The normal thing is that for an ordinary user this figure is more than enough. It is not normal to send more than a few e-mails each day. There would only be very specific exceptions, such as if you had to send an email to an entire university class and you had to send several, for example.

Why is there a limit?

There needs to be a limit to prevent fraudulent use of an email account. Something similar happens with unlimited calls, for example, which are really limited to a number of hours or phone numbers that you can call so that there is no abuse.

If this limit did not exist, someone could send thousands and thousands of emails from a Gmail account. I could use it for spam, to reach the maximum number of users. It is a problem that could make the service lose credibility and that affects many people, both home users and organizations. Opening a spam email is dangerous and should be avoided.

That is why it is necessary for Gmail to have a maximum limit of 500 emails each day, although it is a figure more than enough for normal use. It would be rare that we needed to send more than that amount and if for some reason we had to do it, the worst thing would be to have to wait until the next day for those 500 e-mails to be reset again.

In short, if you ask yourself how many emails you can send with Gmail at most per day, the answer is 500. Beyond that amount you would have to switch to Workspace or wait the next day for the number to be reset again.

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