Beware of this scam that comes through Facebook

Hackers often use social networks to scam. A clear example is Facebook, which is one of the most used. In this case we echo a new scam that tries to sneak fake apps via facebook and thus be able to steal user data. We are going to explain how they do it and what you should do to be protected at all times and not have problems.

They use Facebook to sneak fake applications

A group of security researchers from McAfee has discovered a new campaign using Facebook to sneak fake programs onto Android. Specifically, hackers use adware applications that they promote through this social network. They pass them off as so-called programs to optimize and clean systems on mobile devices.

But of course, these applications really do not fulfill that promised function. It simply is adware that begins to sneak in misleading advertising and its objective is to remain installed for as long as possible. The main problem is that it is not easy to remove once installed. What these programs do is constantly change icons and pretend to be Android or Google Play settings.

These fake apps exploit Android’s Contact Provider feature. This allows them to exchange data between the device and online services. According to the researchers, once the application is installed it automatically starts executing adware. It is not necessary for the victim to manually open the program.

The problem with all this is that they are many users who have fallen in the trap. They come across these fake ads via Facebook and also see the Google Play link, so they trust that it really is legitimate software. In addition, the hook in this case is to make the mobile go faster, to be more optimized.

There have been millions of users affected by this scam. It has affected countries all over the world. These adware apps are currently no longer available on Google Play, but those who previously installed them need to uninstall them manually to fix the problem.

How to avoid these attacks

What can we do to avoid being a victim of this type of scam? Undoubtedly the most important is the common sense. It is essential to know how to detect when a program that we see on the network may be a scam and not install it. Avoid entering from links you see on social networks, third-party sites or even files that come to you by e-mail. You can always see if a link is dangerous.

It is also a good idea to have a good security program. An antivirus will help detect malicious software. If you happen to install a fake app by mistake, as is the case with these Android programs that were actually adware, an antivirus can help you detect and remove it as soon as possible.

of course have All updated It is a good defensive barrier. In many cases, attackers will exploit security flaws in a system or device. It is a way of entry for malware, so we must try to close all possible doors. For this it is convenient that you install all the patches.

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