this is the worst place for your wifi router

The kitchen, the worst place for the router

This has been confirmed by a report by Virgin Media. It was something we already knew, but now we have even more data to confirm it. Placing the router in the kitchen is a very bad idea for it to work properly. The reason is the number of household appliances that can surround it. Especially some like the microwave, which works in the frequency close to 2.4 GHz, can affect a lot.

But also, as they say from Virgin Media, it is not only plugged-in electrical appliances that can cause Wi-Fi to work badly. One must also take into account the metal. In a kitchen there may be metal furniture, ovens, refrigerators or even washing machines. All of this has metal in it and that can disrupt the signal.

Therefore, the ideal is to have the Wi-Fi router as far from the kitchen as possible. It is true that sometimes it can be a good option in certain homes due to the issue of installation. But it will be a problem that will affect your wireless connection for sure. Choose any other place and you will avoid that your Internet goes slow and with the annoying cuts.

You can always carry out a small installation at home so that the cables reach another more optimal area where you can connect the device. That will help you a lot to have more flexibility to decide where to put it.

Where should I put the router?

So where should we put the router? Ideally, in one central location of the house. For example, a room that is central and from which you can distribute the connection to other areas well. Avoid putting it in a corner of the house or area where you don’t really need good coverage.

It is also essential keep him away from gadgets that may interfere. For example, what we have explained about the kitchen, but also others such as a television, video player or any device that uses Bluetooth. This could affect the signal and make it reach poorer or weaker coverage.

It’s a good idea to put it in a elevated location so that it can emit the signal better. For example, on top of a piece of furniture, it is a good place. Do not put it near the ground, nor next to a window since direct sunlight can enter and that is something negative for the operation of the device.

In short, as you can see, putting the router in the kitchen is a bad decision. It is the worst place where you can place it and the ideal is that it is in an area free of interference, from where it can distribute the signal well and that no problems of any kind appear. Choosing the site well will help you improve the speed and stability of the connection.

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