This is what the new Google Lens 2021 icon will look like

Google Lens can be an incredibly useful tool that might as well have been science fiction a few years ago, but it appears Google is having trouble maintaining a brand for its image analysis service. A new icon appeared in one of our informant’s Google search bars that looks more like a camera than the previous version. This suggests that many people may find the above icon difficult to understand.

Así se verá el nuevo ícono de Google Lens. Aplicaciones Android

So far, we haven’t been able to spot the new Lens icon anywhere else: the Play Store listing for the shortcut app still shows the current layout from May 2019, just like the Google app in our phones. It looks like the new version is part of a limited a / b test for now, so it’s still unclear if Google will even pull off the new design. The company could be testing whether people are more likely to use Lens when its icon looks more like a camera.

Since Google just redesigned the Lens icon during Google I / O 2019, the new variant is a surprise; After all, the 2019 icon already fits very well into the icon color scheme that Google is slowly introducing for all its apps. But it is quite possible that many people find the 2019 icon difficult to understand, as it only vaguely resembles a camera. What does this mean? That a redesign that is closer to the real thing might not be the worst idea.


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