This small change will save you a lot on heating this winter

Undoubtedly, something that consumes an important part of the invoices is using the heating. It does not matter if it is gas or electricity, since in both cases the consumption can be important if you use it every day in winter. For this reason, it is convenient to take into account some recommendations to use it correctly and not pay more than necessary. In this article we are going to talk about a little tricka small change that you can make in your day to day if you don’t already do it, and that will help you save.

Change to save when using heating

The longer you keep the heating on, the more it will consume. That is logical. In addition, you must bear in mind that the house will maintain the temperature for a while once you turn it off. So does it make sense to turn the heating on and off without taking that into account? A small change can serve to save on the bill and that is as simple as having the heating on the essential time.

What does this mean? Think of a winter day in which you have the heating every time. You are going to leave the house to dine out, for example, and since you are going to spend several hours outside, you decide to turn off the heating because you are not going to need it. Do you need to turn off the heating just when you are going to leave the house? The answer is no. You will be able turn it off a while before and you won’t have any problems.

The room temperature of the house will be maintained for a while. If, for example, you turn off the heating an hour before leaving, there will not be time for the house to cool down so much that you need to leave it on. You are going to save, therefore, an hour of heating. But if you apply this every day of the month, every time you go to sleep or every time you leave the house and you are going to turn it off, simply by disconnecting it a while before you will be able to save money.

How to better maintain the temperature

But of course, the idea of ​​this is to be able to make the most of the residual temperature that maintains the heating for a while. In order for the temperature to be maintained longer, good thermal insulation is essential. In this way we will prevent the cold from entering quickly and we can take advantage of those 20-21 degrees that the heating has maintained for a longer time.

A good idea is to have a correct insulation of the Windows. That’s where cold air comes in, even if you have them closed. If you improve the insulation, you will avoid rapid changes in temperature. You can even choose to lower the blind at night, when you turn off the heating, and thus better maintain the temperature.

You can also choose to leave only the radiators that you will need to heat one room, for example, while all the others are turned off. In this way you will save a lot, since you will not have all of them turned on throughout the day. One more way to reduce consumption, without having to affect the temperature of the area of ​​the house that you need.

In short, as you can see, this little trick can help you save on the electricity or gas bill when using the heating. Simply by turning it off an hour before each day, thus taking advantage of the residual heat that it will leave behind, you can save money each month during the winter.

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