This threat leaves you without WiFi connection and also steals money

There are many types of threats on the Internet that can steal data, passwords, or cause something to go wrong. In this case we echo a new malware that is capable of disable Wi-Fiforce the victim to hire premium services and also steal money. We are going to explain exactly how it works and, of course, what you should do to prevent it from affecting you and compromising your security.

Phone fraud that disable Wi-Fi

Since microsoft have issued a warning of this issue. This is a security threat based on phone malware that is capable of disabling Wi-Fi. They warn that it is evolving in Android and is now more dangerous. But what does the wireless network have to do with this? For it to work, the attacker needs to turn off Wi-Fi.

This type of phone fraud only works through the Mobile Network and not over Wi-Fi. Hackers trick the victim into calling or sending an SMS to a Premium number. From there they are subscribed to a paid service and will begin to receive significant charges on the telephone bill.

Malware is capable of doing everything this process automatically. It is able to intercept OTP one-time use codes, suppress notifications that could alert the victim, and from there start stealing money.

This process begins without the user being aware of it. The first thing he does is disable Wi-Fi network and thus force the victim to be connected to the mobile network. It then launches the subscription page, clicks the subscription button, intercepts the OTP code, and sends it. To avoid suspicion, it also cancels SMS notifications.

Really don’t need big permissions to be able to disable the wireless network. The malware also uses different Android features to monitor network status and binds the process to a specific network, thus preventing it from connecting to Wi-Fi and thus ensuring that it is on the mobile network.

In addition, the attacker will collect data from the victim, such as the country in which they are located or the telephone operator they use. In this way he can initiate a subscription that best suits each case.

How to avoid this threat

So what can we do to avoid these types of scams that put our network and personal data at risk? This type of malware usually requires us to make a mistake. Therefore, the main thing is to keep the common sense. It is essential not to click on any strange link that comes to us by SMS or install applications that are not official.

It is also convenient to have the devices prepared with a good antivirus. This will help detect threats and remove them if necessary. There are many security programs and they are available for all kinds of operating systems. Always choose one of guarantees, that really protects you.

Also, you should always keep the updated devices. Many threats of this type will exploit vulnerabilities in the system. You have to keep everything up to date, with all kinds of patches installed. Especially the work mobile can be dangerous and compromise safety.

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