Thrill, the classic board game is back!

Quatto quatto, like a ghost that surprises you from behind in a haunted thing, the new has arrived Thrill, re-edition of the classic board game by Great Games.

Great nostalgia effect for all those who consumed their copy as children, some time ago now. Let’s take a closer look at the new edition!

Thrill, the classic board game is back!

Anyone who was a child in the 80s and 90s (yes, we have grown old gentlemen!) Cannot fail to have played a few games of this game. full of action and terror. It was a kind of goose game in which, by throwing a dice, we would climb a horror house full of traps and dangers, under the constant threat of the rolling glow-in-the-dark skull!

The new edition of 2021, by Grandi Giochi, takes up the title and reworks it in the materials, for example adding the box as an integral part of the game board, which will have to be built using it as a base. The rolling skull has been replaced by a marble, which is “fired” out of the phosphorescent ghost model at the top of the board. We are talking about a title for 2 to 6 players, also suitable for children, playable even in less than half an hour; Thanks to its powerful nostalgia effect, it can be a great proposal for a board game night on Halloween!

It goes without saying that since 1985, the year of the original release with MB, the board games sector has changed and evolved. But being a child again even for a short time, or sharing the emotion of one’s childhood passion with any small heirs, can make us forget some “little sin” of game design.

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